Jack Danforth Joins RUC Advisory Board

From the website of Republican Unity Coalition, June 10, 2006:

Jack Danforth Joins RUC Advisory Board

john-danforth.jpgSenator John C. Danforth has joined the Advisory Board of the Republican Unity Coalition, it was announced today by RUC co-chairs Charles Francis and Donald Capoccia. Senator Danforth will advise the RUC on its continuing efforts to support Republican candidates who reach out to all Americans, including gay and lesbian Republicans.

Charles Francis, RUC co-chair, said: “We are honored to have Jack Danforth join the RUC — a gay/straight Republican alliance — dedicated to strengthening a “Big Tent” for all Republicans. Jack Danforth’s life is his message: a life-long Republican conservative and dedicated public servant, an Episcopal Priest, the man who officiated at President Reagan’s memorial service — he is a living hero to Republicans who want the GOP to steer to a principled center. We are so proud to have him standing with us.

“Joining with other RUC Advisory Board members including President Gerald R. Ford, David Rockefeller and Honorary Board Chairman Alan K. Simpson, Jack Danforth will help the RUC reach out to GOP conservatives and libertarians whose bedrock principles include everyone,” Francis said.

Senator John Danforth is a partner with the international law firm Bryan Cave LLP in St. Louis. He retired from the United States Senate in 1995 after eighteen years of service. More recently, he served as United States Ambassador to the United Nations, after serving as President George W. Bush’s Special Envoy to Sudan in 2001. Ordained to the clergy of the Episcopal Church, Reverend Danforth officiated at the memorial service of President Ronald Reagan.

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