Tucson Bishop Bars Homosexual Activist


TAKE ACTION — Express your gratitude to Tucson Bishop Gerald Kicana (pictured right) for denying homosexual activist Thomas Gumbleton access to parishioners.


Excerpted from No Catholic Venue in Tucson for Gay Activist Bishop Gumbleton, by Hilary White, published Jan 31, 2007, by LifeSite News:

One of the Catholic Church’s most infamously disobedient bishops has been refused a venue in Catholic Churches of the diocese of Tucson, Arizona after his decades-long repudiation of the moral and doctrinal teachings of his Church.

MSNBC reports that Bishop Thomas Gumbleton, an auxiliary bishop in the diocese of Detroit, was invited to speak by the anti-Catholic group Call to Action, an organization that campaigns against Catholic teachings on chastity, holy orders and marriage. Among his many other questionable associations, Gumbleton was the founding president of the very liberal and frequently [homosexual] movement associated Pax Christi organization.

Tucson Bishop Gerald F. Kicanas has barred Gumbleton from speaking at Catholic churches in the diocese citing Call to Action’s opposition to Catholic moral and doctrinal teaching…

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