All the ‘Gay’ News That’s Fit to Print

Excerpted from All the ‘Gay’ News That’s Fit to Print, by Kristen Fyfe, published Feb 9, 2007, by Culture and Media Institute:

Homosexual activists knocking a Snickers ad off the air is news, but homosexual activists threatening the life of a political rival isn’t?

Four significant homosexual activism-related stories have surfaced this week, but only the three “gay”-favoring items have been picked up by the mainstream media – the MSM have ignored a “gay” activist’s call for the murder of a prominent pro-family leader.

On February 7th, Concerned Women for America put out a press release revealing that a homosexual activist had, in lesbian blogger Pam Spaulding’s widely read Web log, described the home and neighborhood of pro-family activist Peter LaBarbera and suggested a sniper should take him out.

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