PBS’ “In the Life” Profiles Confused LGBT Youth

By Sonja Dalton

Parents and church leaders, to understand what is at stake with the “gay” political/cultural agenda, you really must watch this pro-homosexuality program online — it’s most enlightening:

February 2007 — The Principles of Youth

This Febuary, In the Life, America’s gay and lesbian newsmagazine, presents “THE PRINCIPLES OF YOUTH,” an episode dedicated entirely to stories about LGBT youth. Hosted by Grammy® Award-winning songwriter and performer Ani DiFranco, this month’s In the Life, gives voice to an often unheard and overlooked population.

Program segments include:

I’m Still EmilyIn the Life asserts that an Iowa teenager that considers herself lesbian is also a devout Christian. Of course, God clearly says otherwise. Jesus did indeed die for Emily’s sins, as well as those of all mankind, but He demands repentance — change.

Hebrews 11:26-27 teaches “For if we go on sinning deliberately after receiving the knowledge of the truth, there no longer remains a sacrifice for sins, but a fearful expectation of judgment, and a fury of fire that will consume the adversaries.”

Emily’s pastor at New Hope Evangelical Church provided excellent counsel to her: God made Eve for Adam and He blessed that heterosexual union. The Bible addresses homosexual behavior and calls it sin. There are two good options for a Christian struggling with same-sex attraction: either honor God’s word and live in celibacy or develop greater faith to battle and overcome homosexuality to achieve greater joy. Let us pray that she will listen to him.

Good As You — Profiles the blog of Jeremy Hooper, 26, who, at least according to the narrator, “attacks ‘bigotry’ with humor and wit.” Jeremy claims in this program: “I don’t throw bombs; I take the bombs that are thrown at us and I just sort of casually toss them aside, I don’t really throw them back” in his effort to create a “new sort” of homosexual activism.

(Check out Hooper’s blog and judge for yourself whether he throws bombs or not…or simply listen to his ITL segment where he shares his view of the “professionally anti-gay” as “almost like cartoon characters in their nuttiness” and sees them as “little men with pitchforks and torches who are like “ARRR, I’m going to get you, you faggot.” You might note that AFTAH has never and will never call anyone a “faggot.”)

Jeremy’s Tennessee family opposes his behavior, but his “partner” Andrew’s parents approve.

Miss Elizabeth Latex — (Remember that this segment is purportedly for/about YOUTH…) Madonna introduced “vogueing,” a form of dancing that originated in the underground homosexual club scene. “Elizabeth Latex” is a Puerto Rican male that dresses as a woman, survived as a prostitute and now lives as a vogue-dancing “female” and works for House of Latex — his brother also cross-dresses. Sadly, both spent much of their childhood in foster care.

Coming Out Stories — Heartbreaking.

TAKE ACTION — Pray for all these young people.
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