When You Think You’ve Heard It All: Toilet Legislation

Our culture is increasingly coarse and vulgar. Recent television commercials include one for a new show where the main character talks about a “tiny v*****” (female anatomy) and one for “Interactive Male” (which advertises their service as “the best place for gay and bi-curious guys to meet and hook up for sex, dating or friendships”). Lifetime TV (the channel for women?) is airing another new show called Gay, Straight, or Taken? where single women test their guy-dar (or gay-dar?). If she picks the available straight man, she wins a “luxurious dream getaway” with the bachelor, practically a stranger; if not, the guy she picks wins the trip with his female or male “partner.” Not so long ago, the public would have been outraged at such filth.

Now the cultural sewage spills into our state legislatures which will be debating: Toilets for “Transgenders.” The Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition has created a “resource” crudely entitled Peeing in Peace.

“Gender neutral” public toilets are part of the homosexual/”transgender” activist vision of the future — which means women and children will be forced to share restroom facilities with cross-dressing men or with “femme” homosexual men or even potentially with predators who decide to frequent women’s public restrooms. The purpose for exposing the heterosexual majority to mixed gender bathrooms is allegedly to protect the sexually confused from attack or harrassment in men’s public bathrooms. AFTAH categorically condemns violence against any practicing homosexual or cross-dressing person…but we also oppose this radical change to public toilet policy, as well as the waste of taxpayer resources in debating it. — Sonja Dalton

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