Why Do We Regard Bestiality as Immoral?

Earlier this week we explored the immorality of the homosexual practice of “rimming“; here we have a story of a man who likes to have “sex” with horses and deer. Disgusting, you say? Immoral? Why so? On what objective authority does our secular society still condemn bestiality? Isn’t it simply a personal, alternative choice?

The fact is that humans are hard-wired to distinguish normal, natural behaviors from depraved, wicked acts. God instilled man with a conscience whereby we know, intuitively and with confidence, that acts of righteousness evoke joy and that other acts are wicked and morally reprehensible…at least we recognize that until we start to rationalize, unless the conscience has been seared, hardened by sin’s deceitfulness. Nearly everyone understands that having “sex” with animals is appalling — there is no organized, multi-million dollar movement to advance the rights of those with a sexual proclivity for livestock (at least not yet), no claim that they were “born that way.”

The same God who condemns bestiality as “perversion” also calls homosexual acts “detestable.” His morality is the one upon which our nation’s laws were founded. If Christian morality is exiled, whose morality will become our standard?

And the real question is this: If we as a society still believe that bestiality is immoral, why are we so foolishly embracing “proud” homosexuality as “moral” — when it clearly cannot be? — Sonja Dalton

(For more on the Biblical parallels between God’s condemnation of homosexuality and that of other sexual sins like bestiality and incest, see Professor Rob Gagnon’s website at www.robgagnon.net. Gagnon is one of the world’s leading authorities on “The Bible and Homosexual Practice,” and has written a scholarly book by the name.)


Excerpted from Man Faces Probation in Animal Abuse Case, by Anna Kurth, published Mar 20, 2007, by The Daily Telegram:

A Superior man convicted of having sexual contact with a dead deer was given probation Tuesday in Douglas County Circuit Court…

Hathaway was found guilty of mistreatment of an animal in April 2005 after killing a horse with the intention of having sex with it…

“The type of behavior is disturbing. It’s disturbing to the public. It’s disturbing to the court,” Lucci said.

Continue reading in The Daily Telegram…

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