Parents Run Second Ad Regarding Deerfield’s “Freshman Advisory” Class

A second full-page ad ran today:


As more students and parents come forward with their experiences
relating to the gay students’ panel presentations, the poor judgment and
abuse of authority by school officials becomes even more astonishing.

Freshman students (14 year olds) were asked to sign a CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT promising not to share what has transpired in the classroom. Presumably, this would include parents. This is unenforceable, probably illegal, and certainly poor judgment. [A portion of the confidentiality agreement was inserted — you can read the entire document HERE.]


  1. A parent, a teacher and NSSA have all requested to see the pool of instructional materials offered to Freshman Advisory teachers. The requests were DENIED and, in fact, the materials are hidden behind a password-protected portal. Can you imagine any other class where materials are hidden from parents?
  2. F.O.I.A. — NSSA filed a Freedom of Information Act request for complete instructional materials which was DENIED. Illinois State School Code, 105 ILCS 5/28-19.1 says: “Any member of the public may inspect all text and instructional material used in the public schools.”

When a parent of a Freshman requested to observe the gay panel presentations, she was DENIED. A video of the class was offered but now that the panels have concluded, suddenly, there is no video available. What are they hiding?

DHS students requested another panel presentation, this time including medical professionals — instead of teenagers — who could speak to the complex health issues surrounding homosexuality. DENIED.

Students have revealed that during the gay panel presentations, a link is made to normal teenage struggles and homosexuality. For instance, gay students shared that they struggled with a number of emotional disorders but the real problem and solution was found when they realized they were homosexual. The teachers evidently allowed this dangerous assumption so that the students in the class inevitably wondered if their normal teenage problems could mean that they are gay. Students were encouraged to explore this possibility without mention of the obvious health and emotional risks.

If these issues concern you, please contact:
District 113 School Board — (224) 765-1000

Helene Herbstman — Ken Fishbain
Jeffrey Annenberg — Harvey Cohen
Joel Hurwitz — Marjie Sandlow
Bonnie Shlensky — Supt. George Fornero


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