FRC: Eliot Spitzer’s Policies Trample over Family Values

eliot_spitzer.jpg Apparently crusading for abortion “rights” (or should we say infanticide) is not enough of a challenge for New York’s maverick Democrat governor, Eliot Spitzer. Now he wants to pave the way for the embrace of full “same-sex marriage,” claiming this will “strengthen New York’s families.” We predicted that once liberals capitulated on giving government benefits to “same-sex couples” (read: domesticated homosexuality) beginning with “domestic partners” legislation, it would be only a matter of time before they embraced full “gay marriage.”

We hope we’re wrong, but we fear that Spitzer is the future of Democratic politics. (Are Republicans far behind with pro-homosexual politicians like Gov. Schwarzenegger?) Socially liberal politicians know that they have to talk about religion to con the gullible masses, but when it comes to applying the compassion and restraint of Christianity to moral issues like abortion and homosexuality, they want no part of it. The Democratic Party has sold out to the homosexual and radical feminist lobbies. If Republicans join them, the formation of a third, morality-based “culture of life” party is inevitable.– Peter LaBarbera

The following is reprinted from Family Research Council’s “Washington Update,” May 9:

In New York, Gov. Eliot Spitzer (D) has done more to trample family values in the last five months than most state leaders have done in five years. Sounding more and more like a mouthpiece for Planned Parenthood and the Human Rights Campaign, Spitzer has already rolled out bills that would end abortion regulations and legalize same-sex “marriage.” On April 27, he upheld a campaign promise and became the first governor to initiate a change in the definition of marriage. Just one week later, Spitzer is thumbing his nose at the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision by moving to protect late-term abortions in the state. His Reproductive Health and Privacy Protection Act also directs more taxpayer dollars to “reproductive health services” (i.e. abortion clinics), promotes contraception, and enshrines abortion on request. Incidentally, Spitzer was the only governor in the United States not to issue a proclamation supporting this year’s National Day of Prayer. Only after intense public pressure did Spitzer agree, joining the other 49 governors at the 11th hour. A staffer justified the delay by saying Spitzer “always intended to sign it” but cited the volume of office paperwork. Perhaps Spitzer should spend less time on producing “paperwork” that devalues human life and marriage.


In this link to an article in the New York Sun, Gov. Spitzer claims that homosexual “marriage” “will only strengthen New York’s families.”  

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