Tony Peraica, Christine Radogno Cozy Up to the Homosexual ‘Log Cabin Republicans’

tony_peraica.jpg christine_radogno.bmp The following is reprinted with permission from the website of the Family Taxpayers Network, a terrific organization based in Carpentersville, Illinois. (FTN runs “ website, which is loaded with good stuff on education reform, and where you can look up any public school teacher’s salary on their School Salary Database.)

Same old story regarding the GOP’s dalliance with the Log Cabin Republicans, whose “gay” agenda pretty much parallels that of other homosexual organizations. We’ve said it once, we’ll say it a thousand times: the Republican Party cannot be “pro-family” and pro-homosexual-activist at the same time.

The Log Cabin Republicans in Illinois are lobbying hard for House Bill 1826, which would force the state’s businesses to recognize and therefore subsidize homosexual “civil unions.” (So much for freedom of conscience.) HB 1826 is a same-sex “marriage” bill by another name. Peraica strongly supported last year’s Illinois Marriage Protection advisory referendum (which has been relaunched by Protect Marriage Illinois for 2008), so why is he now seeking the support of a group whose radical agenda is 180 degrees in the opposite direction?

With the Democrats nationally the party of abortion-on-demand (including “partial-birth infanticide) and mainstreaming homosexuality, the GOP needs to decide: is it going to mimic the Democrats’ social leftism or present voters with a conservative, pro-life, pro-family alternative? That’s up to them, but they would do well to heed the words of the true “log cabin” president, Abe Lincoln, who said — repeating the words of Jesus (Matthew 12:25): “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”Peter LaBarbera

Cozying up with a homosexual, anti-Bush group
Tony Peraica and Christine Radogno can be seen HERE happily being welcomed at a recent private reception hosted by the Log Cabin Republicans (photo courtesy of the Windy City Times, the newspaper which proudly hails itself as “The Voice of Chicago’s Gay, Lesbian, Bi and Trans Community since 1985.”)
The Log Cabin Republicans is of course a group that’s dedicated to advancing the homosexual agenda in America. But putting that aside, just how “Republican” is the group? Well, the Log Cabin Republicans were always a key backer of Judy Baar Topinka, and each year members of the Chicago Chapter were among the most enthusiastic marchers with her in Chicago’s Gay Pride Parade.
But while Topinka was welcomed, the group snubbed our Commander in Chief. In 2004 the organization refused to endorse President Bush due to his defense of traditional marriage. The organization even ran television ads in 2004 attacking Bush for his support of a fundamental plank of the Republican Platform.
Further, last year the Chicago Chapter of the Log Cabins assisted other gay activists in preparing the legal challenge to the Protect Marriage Illinois petitions – those hundreds of thousands of signatures that so many dedicated Republicans worked so hard gathering across Illinois.
How hypocritical that a group that preaches about the “Big Tent” turns on the President and the base when they don’t get their way on THEIR single issue.
Peraica’s and Radogno’s support of the Log Cabins is a poke in the eye to every Republican who believes in the Republican Platform –– and especially to the thousands who worked so hard gathering signatures for the Protect Marriage Illinois initiative.

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