California Dems: PRO-Homosexual Indoctrination; California Republicans: Cowardly Silence

By Peter LaBarbera

Folks, one paragraph in the following alert from California pro-family hero Randy Thomasson of Campaign for California Families — about that State Senate’s passage of radical pro-homosexual/transsexual school indoctrination bill (SB 777) — sums up WHY we are seeing the “gay” agenda roll over America. Randy writes:

But you should also be frustrated with the [California State] Republican senators who seem to have lost their God-given VOICES and have forgotten their MORAL OBLIGATION to speak out in defense of children and family and morality. On Thursday, when given the opportunity to speak out against SB 777 in front of the several TV, radio and newspaper reporters who cover always attend the floor sessions, NOT ONE Republican state senator raised his microphone in defense of children.

So here’s the current political situation in so many areas (not so much in solid red states):

  1. The Democrats as a party have largely sold their soul to the homosexual lobby;
  2. The Republicans usually cast the “right” vote (there are key exceptions) but refuse to speak out against pro-homosexual bills;
  3. The media are so biased in their coverage of homosexual-related issues that they intimidate politicians from speaking out against pro-“gay” legislation; thus, even many conservative lawmakers view this issue as the “third rail” they don’t want to touch.

Of course, on point 3, the media would have a much tougher time ignoring these issues if the GOP actively engaged the Democrats on the dangers of the homosexual agenda. Besides, conservatives should be used to dealing with left-wing media bias on a whole range of issues, so there’s something bigger going on here. Call it a “live-and-let-live” (“tolerance”) zeitgeist — driven by pro-“gay” groupthink in the media, Hollywood and academia — that is leading many to give up fighting.

Here’s Randy’s alert:

CCF Special Bulletin

May 24, 2007 9PM Update from CCF President Randy Thomasson

After weeks of you and Campaign for Children and Families and thousands of pro-family citizens fighting against SB 777, I am sad to report that this transsexual-bisexual-homosexual school sexual indoctrination bill passed the California State Senate on Thursday.
Please scroll down for action steps

The vote in the 40-member State Senate was 23 to 13. Nearly all the Democrats voted “aye” and nearly all the Republicans voted “no.” SB 777 now goes to the Assembly, where it will likely pass in late August or early September, and go directly to the desk of Governor Schwarzenegger.

> Click here to read CCF’s May 24 news release
> Click HERE to see video of actual sexual indoctrination of elementary schoolchildren. (This link will take you to MassResistance’s website, which contains shocking excerpts of the pro-homosexual propaganda film, “It’s Elementary.”)
> Click HERE for CCF’s detailed analysis of SB 777

First off, I want to thank those of you who publicly spoke out against SB 777 with your calls, emails and faxes to the State Capitol. Truly, you and every pro-family citizen who responded to this horrible bill is a faithful soldier the battle for the hearts and minds of young children, unlike others who don’t care to speak out. See the Senate floor play-by-play below.

I hope you feel permission to be righteously angry at the Democrats for voting to impose transsexual-bisexual-homosexual curriculum upon six million children in California’s government school system.

But you should also be frustrated with the Republican senators who seem to have lost their God-given VOICES and have forgotten their MORAL OBLIGATION to speak out in defense of children and family and morality. On Thursday, when given the opportunity to speak out against SB 777 in front of the several TV, radio and newspaper reporters who cover always attend the floor sessions, NOT ONE Republican state senator raised his microphone in defense of children.

This is very disturbing. Many Republican politicians easily speak out on the Senate and Assembly floors about crime, immigration, taxes, education, transportation and a wide range of government issues. So why didn’t ANY of the 15 Senate Republicans speak against SB 777 on Thursday? You have to conclude that they just didn’t wanna. They knew what to say, but didn’t. CCF and others had provided legislators with excellent talking points exposing SB 777’s transsexual-bisexual-homosexual agenda. But no one talked from the talking points, let alone anything else.

Why is it vitally important that pro-family legislators SPEAK as well as VOTE against bad bills? Because their voice can stop bad legislation much more than their vote can.

Pro-family Republicans are the minority in Sacramento, which means nearly every anti-family bill will be approved by the anti-family Democratic majority. Yet by speaking out on the floor, pro-family legislators can generate media coverage from the reporters stationed in the back and the side of the Senate chambers.

By the time Thursday evening arrived, CCF could find only one mainstream news story that briefly mentioned SB 777, noting that it passed “without debate.” You can blame the virtual media blackout on silent Republican legislators, who, on Thursday, “taught” the media that SB 777 is no big deal. But what if Republican after Republican had risen up to blast SB 777 on the Senate floor? Why, the “big debate” and “floor fight” over SB 777 would have been one of the top California news stories on your local TV and radio newscasts and in newspapers.

When a bad bill is exposed in the media, it’s noticed by Governor Schwarzenegger and his staff and flagged as a “high-profile bill.” Speaking out on the floor is therefore much-needed lobbying to help move the Governor in the direction of a veto. Neither you nor I can speak on the floor of the Senate or Assembly, so it’s a shame that pro-family legislators didn’t care enough to speak out when they could. As elected officials, their “star status” in the eyes of the media means they can get TV, radio and newspaper coverage much more easily than any pro-family organization or individual can. Their stubborn silence is truly tragic.

Here’s the Thursday, May 24 Senate floor play-by-play of SB 777:

When her bill was called up, lesbian Senator Sheila Kuehl, a former Hollywood actress, deceptively claimed that SB 777 is only about “uniformity”:

“Thank you, Mr. President and members, this bill simply amends those sections of the Education Code that now have categories against discrimination so that they’re all uniform, by having them refer to the categories in our current hate crimes statute. There are several areas in the Education Code where discrimination is prohibited. Some of them include sexual orientation, some of them include people with disabilities, but it’s kind of random these days. And so this makes them all uniform.

“Last year, I had a bill that caused a bit of controversy because it also amended the section of the Education Code that required affirmative information about all communities in the anti-discrimination sections. That is not a part of the bill this year. This is only the anti-discrimination sections. And I ask for your aye vote.”

After Kuehl stopped speaking, the President pro Tem (Don Perata of Oakland), at the podium, looked to see whether anyone was standing up to oppose SB 777.

“Discussion on the measure?” he asked. SILENCE. Seeing that no Republicans were holding up their microphones, waiting to be recognized, Perata said, “Call the roll,” and that was the end of it. The votes were cast one by one, and the Senate moved on to their next bill.

Where were the pro-family legislators who cared enough to use their media platform to publically expose the evils of SB 777?

Doesn’t California have any state senator courageous enough to expose that SB 777 requires textbooks, instructional materials, and school-sponsored activities to positively portray cross-dressing, sex-change operations, homosexual “marriages,” and all aspects of homosexuality and bisexuality, including so-called “gay history?”

Where are the men of principle who will stand up and condemn SB 777 for how it will sexually indoctrinate and mentally molest millions of children, children as young as kindergarten?

Because Republican legislators aren’t speaking out for the children, you and I and others must do the speaking. Otherwise, every California public school WILL become a sexual indoctrination center.

ACTION: It’s up to you to continue speaking against SB 777.

Please continue to raise your voice against SB 777 and demand that schoolchildren be protected from sexual indoctrination behind their parents’ backs. Here’s how:

1. Call Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to urge him to announce that he will veto SB 777

Call 916-445-2841 Monday through Friday. Press 1 for English, then 5 to speak to a staffer.
Call Schwarzenegger’s regional offices anytime to leave a message opposing SB 777.

2. Call your California state senator regarding their vote and their silence

Click HERE for Senate contact numbers and a zip code finder to locate your senator

If your state senator in Sacramento is a Democrat, tell him or her how much you dislike their “aye” vote
(This does not apply to Dean Florez of Fresno, who abstained, or Alan Lowenthal of Long Beach, who was absent).

If your state senator in Sacramento is a Republican, call to thank him for voting “no,” but tell him how dissappointed you are that he refused to speak on the floor on behalf of children and families
(DO NOT CALL Jim Battin of Palm Desert, who was absent; however if your senator is Tom Harman of Huntington Beach, tell him you are disappointed that he abstained on SB 777, when he should have voted no and also spoken against this horrible bill).

3. Call you California state assemblymember

The Assembly will get its first crack at SB 777 in the coming weeks. Let your Assemblymember hear today why you are opposed to SB 777.

Click HERE for Assembly contact numbers and a zip code finder to locate your assemblymember

4. Send a powerful email message to Governor Schwarzenegger and California legislators

# # #
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