Exodus International Supports White House Surgeon General Nominee’s Position on Change in Homosexuality

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Orlando, FL- President Bush’s nominee for Surgeon General, Dr. James W. Holsinger, has recently come under attack for supporting the fact that homosexuals can change. Dr. Holsinger founded Hope Springs Community Church, a church  that offers help to individuals seeking an alternative to homosexuality. Alan Chambers, president of the world’s largest outreach to those affected by unwanted same-sex attraction, issued a response: 

“As former homosexuals, we cannot ignore this hypocritical attack upon Dr. Holsinger. As a society, we should not disqualify an individual simply because of his belief that those  conflicted by their same-sex attraction can and should be helped. Thousands of us have experienced inner distress and external devastation when we were living as homosexuals and have found a faith-honoring and psychologically sound way out. We know that change is possible because we have experienced it. Opposing this alternative is incompatible with free thinking and personal choice.


“While we do not support or oppose the nominee, we are grateful that President Bush has put forth a candidate who supports individual autonomy and authentic diversity. We call upon members of the Senate Health Committee to offer the same tolerance afforded gay activist groups to former homosexuals as well.”

Founded in 1976, Exodus International is the largest Christian organization dealing with homosexual issues in the world today. With over 150 affiliates in its network, Exodus is a dynamic outreach ministry dedicated to sharing the hope of freedom through the power of Jesus Christ.

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