‘Gay’ Blogger on LaBarbera: ‘I Would Have Taken Them All Out with an AK-47’

Editor’s Note: Lesbian blogger Pam Spaulding has removed this menacing AK-47 comment from her site: see our update HERE. 

Original story, posted July 15, 2007 

Homosexual activists are upset that we used the case of Russell Groff — a Tennessee boy who entered the homosexual lifestyle as a teenager and died of AIDS at 26 — as an example of the extreme health risks of (male) homosexual behavior. More on that later: we’re on vacation, and there is considerable “gay” misinformation to counter — including homosexual “fact checking” blogger Jim Burroway’s specious claim — relying on a Maryland homosexual activist group’s website — that Russell died of a “staph infection following gall bladder surgery.” (Russell’s mother Carolyn Groff sent us his Maryland death certificate showing HIV/AIDS as a cause of death.)

The following comment was posted July 15 on lesbian activist Pam Spaulding’s blog, which seems to have a problem with violence-prone contributors. (In February, a South Dakota man published our address on Spaulding’s blog with the words, “Sniper’s, take note”; he received a formal police warning for the threat and Spaulding, who said she was unaware of the comment, banned him from her blog.)

For the full thread including “underbear1’s” menacing comment below (emphasis added), click HERE:

Having survived a lover who died of AIDS



If I’d have faced a Baptist Fred Phelps-type protest, and a f*cktard like Petey using someone else’s memorial to twist to his hateful message, I would have snapped, and taken them all out with an AK-47, and not given a sh*t if it cost me my life, because at that point, (I was considering suicide anyways.)


Petey be glad you still are breathing, you picked on someone much more forgiving than I am.


by: underbear1 @ Sun Jul 15, 2007 at 16:16:57 PM CDT 
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