LISTEN ONLINE: CWA Discusses with LaBarbera Mayor Naugle’s Stance against ‘Public Sex’

Ft. Lauderdale Mayor Defends Law; Opposes Public Restroom Encounters

Concerned Women for America writes:  

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Mayor Jim Naugle is under attack from militant homosexuals because of his effort to stop homosexual liaisons in the city’s public restrooms. Mayor Naugle has simply said he would enforce the law, and has considered installing robotic toilets, like those in use in San Francisco, which would hinder such activity in the restrooms of the city’s parks and beaches — areas frequented by families. Matt Barber, CWA’s Policy Director for Cultural Issues, speaks with Peter LaBarbera, President and founder of Americans for Truth, who says this problem is a national one. [Warning: content not suitable for children.]

Click HERE to listen directly to the broacast, or HERE for the link to the CWA page containing the online radio interview.

To send a message of support to Mayor Naugle, you may contact him at For more information on this story visit:,0,5688916.story?coll=sfla-homespot-headlines.

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