Pam Spaulding Removes AK-47 Post Attacking LaBarbera

Lesbian blogger Pam Spaulding (“Pam’s House Blend”) has removed the menacing “AK-47” comment from her blog from a writer who was upset at an Americans For Truth article I posted. Spaulding opposes violent comments on her blog and physical threats against her opponents (as do we). Spaulding tells me that it is difficult to ban violating contributors from her blog because they can resurface under a different pen name.

Spaulding and I are on polar opposite sides of the “gay” issue — and we take issue with her rhetoric linking pro-family groups’ words to extremist violence against homosexuals — but we agree that you can have a debate without threatening violence. — Peter LaBarbera

PS. Meanwhile, we checked again and the nasty, violence-encouraging post at remains on the site. See our post on that HERE.

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