CWA Calls for Openly Lesbian Fire Chief to Cease On-The-Job Activism or Resign

San Diego Firemen Ordered Against Their Wills to Participate in “Gay Pride” Parade 

Concerned Women for America 


AUGUST 7, 2007


CWA Calls for Openly Lesbian Fire Chief to Cease On-The-Job Activism or Resign  

Washington, D.C. — Four San Diego firemen were recently ordered against their will to participate in San Diego’s annual “gay pride” parade.  They were then subjected to three hours of crude sexual harassment by homosexual parade-goers who exposed their genitalia, mimicked sex acts and yelled obscenities at the four men.  Prior to the event, Fire Chief Tracy Jarman — an open lesbian — said, “This is a fun event, and all employees are encouraged to participate.”  When the four firefighters tapped to drive the fire truck down the parade route objected, they were threatened with disciplinary action.

Matt Barber, Policy Director for Cultural Issues with Concerned Women for America (CWA), said, “This is an egregious violation of these four public servants’ civil rights.  Through their actions, the city of San Diego and Fire Chief Jarman have subjected these men to sexual harassment of the worst kind and violated their constitutional rights.  To say that this parade was sexually charged is an understatement.  This and other ‘gay pride’ events are simply pagan celebrations of hedonism and sexual deviancy.  This is just another example of tyranny of the ‘gay’ minority.  It raises questions relative to Fire Chief Jarman’s suitability for the job.  If she does not immediately cease her established activism in the workplace relative to her chosen lifestyle, and demonstrate that she can properly serve all her employees and all the citizens of San Diego, she should either resign or be fired.”      

Penny Harrington, Director of Legislation for CWA of California, observed, “Unfortunately, the concerns about lewd behavior common at ‘Pride’ conveyed to the Council earlier in July by CWA and others were realized once again, not only to the detriment of the children and unwitting adults present, but also to these fine public servants. 

“We have to wonder how many other members of law enforcement or employees of corporate sponsors were similarly coerced to participate.  Simply put, the ‘Pride’ events are purely sexual in nature.  Standard civic festivals like holiday parades do not include public nudity, fetishes and other fare inappropriate for the general public.  Perhaps this regrettable yet predictable incident will help the Council see the light,” concluded Harrington. 

The four firefighters have retained legal counsel from the Thomas More Law Center and are suing the city of San Diego for sexual harassment and violation of their civil rights.

Concerned Women for America is the nation’s largest public policy women’s organization.


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