We’re Feeling the Love: Americans For Truth Blamed for 9/11…

Note from “perfectly straight” yet foul-mouthed “Ben Lowrey,” sent today via the Americans For Truth website (emphasis added):

[E-mail subject header:] You people…

…are [f—–g] ridiculous. No wonder you were attacked on 9/11, Peter, you are probably a [f—–g] closet [sic] homosexual yourself that is so scared by who you are you have committed your entire life to defeating who you are. After you made [sic] it illegal to be gay, why [don’t] you try to re-enact slavery? [F—–g] people, a) you won’t win …history has constantly proven that evolution and acceptance will not only OCCUR, but will occur at an exponential rate. You lives have been wasted, good job, failures. Cheers, Ben

ps. [I’m] perfectly straight. 

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