Just When You Thought It Couldn’t Get any Weirder: ‘International Mr. Rubber’ Comes to Chicago

Or is this just another ‘sexual orientation’ to be celebrated?

internation_mr_rubber_not_a_joke.jpg The perversion celebration known as “International Mr. Rubber” partnered with Chicago’s “Center on Halsted,” below, a new homosexual community center in Boystown that was financed with the help of the Illinois Treasurer’s office.

center_on_halsted_drawing.jpg Rubber-men were treated to the lecture, “A brief history of kink in America,” at the Center on Halsted in Chicago on November 10. History is important to the “fetish community”: this particular presentation was made by the Leather Archives & Museum, a Chicago “museum” that caters to sadomasochists.

By Peter LaBarbera

When did Chicago become a worldwide Mecca for perversion enthusiasts? Every year it hosts “International Mr. Leather” with its accompany “pig sex” parties (somebody call the Swine Defamation League). The Windy City is home to a “museum” for sadistic sex practitioners called the “Leather Archives & Museum” —  no joke; here’s the link to this tax-exempt, non-profit institution.

And now, Sodom-by-the-Lake welcomes International Mr. Rubber, an international contest for, well, rubber fetishists. Don’t ask. The picture above from their website should tell you all you need to know.

Partnering with the rubber enthusiasts was the Center on Halsted, a brand new “GLBT” community center in Chicago’s homosexual Boystown neighborhood (which is officially demarcated with rainbow kiosks). Center on Halsted’s construction was financed with the help of Illinois taxpayers through a $10 million “link deposit” by the Treasurer’s office — then run by a Republican, Judy Baar Topinka — that helped them get access to low interest-rate loans.

The same Center on Halsted runs programs for homosexual, bisexual and transgendered teenagers. Leather Archives also partners with Center on Halsted.

Is “rubber” just another “sexual orientation” or a perversion that is so twisted that most normal people could not even conceive of it? Either way, the rubber “fetishists” apparently were out in force in Chicago area over the weekend, doing whatever rubber fetishists do. (Oh, I almost forgot: exposing this bizarre event makes me a closet “rubber-man” myself, according to the thinking of some “queer”-identified bloggers who keep a close watch on Americans For Truth. I do confess to enjoying Jacques Cousteau TV specials as a boy.)

What the homosexual activists will rarely admit is that this latest uber-perversion is yet another outgrowth of their own successful movement to “mainstream” immoral and unnatural sexual behaviors. In fact, the “gay” lobby has been so succcessful at building public acceptance for conduct once considered taboo and deviant that it now appears to be the organizing paradigm for a host of once-reviled lifestyles. Take “Pagan Pride,” for example, and see this terrific piece by conservative writer Dinesh D’Souza: “Are atheists the new gays?”

Another group that borrowed heavily from the “gay” model is the “transgenders.” At one time, “trannies,” as they are derisively called, labored at the fringe of the ‘anti-discrimination’ movement, although drag has always been important to the masculinity-challenged homosexual male subculture. But now accommodating gender confusion is no big deal for major corporations. John wants to come to work tomorrow as Jane? No biggie. Call the H.R. department and give him (oops, “her”) a key to the ladies’ restroom!

And don’t forget to add lessons on “trans-phobia” to the corporate diversity sessions. (Yes, that’s a word in the GLBT lexicon.)

We already have the spectacle of “Leather Pride” (with its own black-and-blue flag–how appropriate), which is a rip-off of the rainbow flag symbolizing “gay” pride — which, in turn, is a rip-off of God Himself, if you believe the Bible. (In Genesis 9, God sends a rainbow to the earth as a covenant that He would never again judge mankind with a flood.)

I’m wondering when the Rubber Pride flag will appear, and when the first “rubber” celebrity will “come out.” Fetish historians will be there to document it.

Come to think of it, I too, am “homo-nauseous,” like Coach Dave Daubenmire says.

The truth that homosexual practitioners and their defenders hate to hear is this: it’s all perversion: homosexuality, bisexuality, transsexuality, sadism, masochism, BDSM, rubber-mania and assorted “fetishes.” The good news is that God is long on mercy and grace, and He will take you back if you believe in His Son and humbly repent — no matter what you once did or how you once identified yourself.

Nobody is permanently or innately defined by bad behaviors, and confusion is not an “identity.” (In fact, all of us have harbored evil thoughts that dishonor God.) So come back to Jesus Christ, and leave the rubber-gear behind.

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