Classic Headline: Wayne Besen’s ‘Bald-Faced Lie’

charlene_cothran_aftah_banquet_1.jpg Charlene Cothran, shown here speaking at Americans For Truth’s banquet in October, proved her own magazine, and radical “gay” activist Wayne Besen, wrong when she gave her life to God and left the homosexual lifestyle. To reach Charlene, write


“Ex-Gay Ministries: A Bald-Faced Lie!”

— headline in article written by homosexual activist Wayne Besen in Venus Magazine, vol. 4, no. 4, 1998. Venus was a magazine devoted to African-American homosexuals, but that changed when Venus’ publisher, Charlene Cothran, left the homosexual lifestyle and dedicated her life — and her magazine — to helping other men and women find freedom from homosexuality through Jesus Christ. At the time, Besen was associate director of communications for the Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s leading homosexual lobby group. Now he runs an outfit called “Truth Wins Out,” dedicated to disparaging ex-“gays” and ministries that help people leave the lifestyle — and, of course, savagely attacking pro-family groups like Americans For Truth.

We’re sure that Besen, as America’s Premiere Anti-Ex-Gay Investigator (APAEGI), has created a file on Charlene, but based on her splendid speech at Americans For Truth’s banquet, his quest to “prove” that her change is not genuine (or perhaps that this former veteran homosexual activist never really was a lesbian…) will be an impossible one. Not that he won’t try, though.


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