Love Letter from Canada: AFTAH = Nazis

E-note from that bastion of freedom, Canada:

Your campaign against gay people eerily mirrors Josef Goebbels’ campaign against the Jews in pre-war Germany.  Like Goebbels, you accuse gay people  of subverting society and spreading disease.

I can see you for what you are:  a bunch of suitclad, middle class white male bigots.  

So up yours. I KNOW you are all full of [s–t]. 

P.S.  I am a proud Liberal Christian and a Canadian whothanks his Lord and Saviour that he doesn’t live in Amerika, the Whore of Babyon and Enemy of All.  Hopefullly when [a prominent Democratic presidential candidate] gets in she will drive the satanic influence of the fundamentalists from Washington. 

K in Newfoundland

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