Letter: Evil AFTAH Is Causing MRSA Staph Infection

‘Lady Liberty’ writes the following through the Americans For Truth website.  There is a big problem with this confused soul’s thesis: MRSA is reportedly spreading among homosexual men in the very cities — San Francisco, New York, Boston and Los Angeles — that are the most “tolerant” and accepting of homosexuality:

Americans For Truth Is Causing Resistant Staph 


You are causing the staph infection. If you would allow gay men to not be shamed to have anonymous relations in the cover of dark, and allow them to form marriages, it would reduce the number of these diseases. Shockingly enough, this would lower the risk to you in the long run. It is your sickening hate that is taking people’s lives, and America hates your guts for it!!!!! It would not be shocking to learn that covert operatives such as your evil, are planting these germs. What goes around comes around. You are so unimaginably, inherently EVIL!

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