Homosexual Hate, No. 137

Sent today (April 14, 2008) to the Americans For Truth website:

“I am so tired of listening and reading your CHRISTER AGENDA! You want to take over the world and make us all succumb to a fairy tale that has no proof at all whatsoever. Do not press your beliefs into my life. If you dont want to be gay then dont [sic]. But you better accept me being [here] and an equal. You have rights that were granted to you just because you are an ignorant and uneducted CHRISTER [sic] that loves jeebus for christs sake [sic]. Why should you have protected rights over others? Your arguments are ridiculous and irrational. You are a bigot and a fraud. STOP YOUR AGENDA!!!!!!! I hate all of you for what you say and will fight you ever day of my life. So will all of my friends and associates.”

T. Clay Rooker

Houston, Texas

AFTAH responds: Then unsubscribe from our e-mail newsletter and don’t go to our website, Mr. Rooker. It’s that simple. I feel your hate.Peter LaBarbera

Rooker replies: I do not go to your bigoted hate-filled website you stupid moron.  Do you not realize that your drivel is posted all over the net on other websites.  God damn you are stupid. Did you even go to college or even have a high school diploma.   You feel my hate?   I fell your stupidity and ignorance.

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