CWA: LISTEN ONLINE: San Diego ‘Gay Pride’ Makes For Bad ‘Gay Parenting’

WARNING: GRAPHIC — AFTAH reporters troubled by many children exposed to homosexuality celebration

sd-pride-exhibitionist-blocked-nudity.JPGGAY SHAME DAY? Do homosexuals have special rights on “pride” days to engage in public indecency and other illegal behaviors? This exhibitionist running a booth in the pornographic “Freedom Zone” at the recent San Diego Gay Pride festival was masturbating and playing with himself in public as people looked on. No security officials were called in to stop him in the roughly half hour AFTAH reporters were there as he continued to fondle himself. (The Freedom Zone — it was actually called the “Freedom Xone,” suggesting its pornographic content — was blocked off from the rest of the festival area by black plastic divider walls.) Look for further photos on San Diego “gay pride” in the coming days. CLICK HERE to listen online to an interview by CWA’s Martha Kleder with Peter LaBarbera of AFTAH. Blocked Photo: Allyson Smith, AFTAH.

CWA writes:

Gay Pride and Parenting

Concerned Women for America, July 24, 2008 —

Efforts to enact same-sex “marriage” across the nation have also bolstered the number same-sex couples seeking to parent children. Peter LaBarbera, President of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, just returned from California where he attended San Diego’s “gay’ pride festival. What he saw there was nearly the same level of public displayed perversity but this time with an increasing number of children in attendance. He spoke with CWA Policy Analyst Martha Kleder about what he saw. Listen | Download

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