Nudity Fills San Francisco Streets again as Cops Look on and Do Nothing at ‘Up Your Alley’ Street Fair

Police-protected sadistic celebration reveals continuing lawlessness in America’s ‘gay-est’ city


consensual_sexual_violence-2_uyalley.JPG CLICK ON PHOTOS TO ENLARGE. Man whips another man’s back as crowd watches at the “Up Your Alley” street fair in San Francisco. Consensual sexual violence, degradation and even “slavery” are part of the “leather” movement — which has its own “pride” flag just like the “gay” movement that birthed it.

By Peter LaBarbera

These photos were taken on Sunday, July 27, 2008, by amateur pro-family volunteers for Americans For Truth, at the “Up Your Alley” street fair in San Francisco — one of the city’s two open-air celebrations of sadomasochism (euphemistically called the “leather” lifestyle by practitioners). It is telling to us that the same city whose mayor, Gavin Newsom (D), ignited the “same-sex marriage” crusade in California by illegally issuing “gay marriage” licenses — openly tolerates and celebrates gross perversions, nudity and sexual lawlessness on its streets. Last year, Newsom issued a congratulatory welcome letter to attendees of the “Folsom Street Fair,” the bigger S&M festival held in September that also runs and sponsors “Up Your Alley.”

These photos do not fit in with the slick, national “gay” marketing plan, to be sure. Nevertheless, this pathetic and debased spectacle is as much an offspring of the “GLBT” movement as the current quest for homosexual “marriage.” The latter radically redefines and corrupts an ancient institution created by God to order relations between man and woman as the basis for family life. Perverse events like “Up Your Alley” and “Folsom Street Fair” mock any notion of right and wrong — as the reckless pursuit of anything-goes “tolerance” leads governmental authorities to enable and promote evil, turning freedom into sexual anarchy while causing a breakdown in law and order.

up_your_alley_naked_guy_steamworks.JPGHomosexual activists mock and deride Americans For Truth relentlessly for exposing sordid realities like “Up Your Alley” — and showing you what happens when sexual radicals come to dominate a major city. They don’t want Americans to see this side of their agenda, so they attack the messenger. But we must face reality and come to grips with the truth that “rights” based on aberrant sex are not genuine civil rights. In fact, they pervert the noble ideal of American freedom. (It’s no coincidence that the same San Francisco politicians who welcome these nudity- and perversion-filled festivals in city streets have moved to condemn ex-gays and Christian moral opposition to homosexuality.)

Like the pantless perverts wandering around in sneakers-only at “Up Your Alley,” the liberals’ pro-homosexual “tolerance and diversity” program is now fully exposed as a soulless and bankrupt ideology. According to its precepts, nothing can be judged as wrong (sexually-speaking) — except, of course, normal, historic Judeo-Christian mores. But common sense leads us to ask: if homosexualism is a good or benign force in society, why in San Francisco — the nation’s “gay” Mecca, its “queer” utopia — do we witness this progression into degrading and wicked public displays sanctioned by the government? Turns out, boundaries are good — they protect us; they even protect people (sinners, all) from themselves. But without God, there are no limits, and evil fills the void: if a once-Christian-infused culture can go from holding sodomy in contempt to embracing “Gay Pride,” then why not indulge “Leather Pride”?

Lastly, consider how liberal government authorities like Mayor Newsom have corrupted the men in blue by stipulating that police not prosecute public nudity and indecency at homosexual festivals. What honor can there be in protecting the public practice of heinous perversions and nudity in the city’s streets? The shame of pandering politicians is transferred to the cops who were intended to be guardians of the law and public order.

All frontal nudity is censored by AFTAH in the photos below:

up_your_alley_nude_guy_in_chains.JPG WHO NEEDS NUDIST COLONIES WHEN YOU HAVE SAN FRANCISCO? Man whose hands and feet are bound in chains stands completely naked at “Up Your Alley” sadistic street fair in San Francisco Sunday, July 27. PREVIOUS PHOTO ABOVE: African American man stands nude in front of booth for Steamworks, a 24/7 homosexual bathhouse in nearby Berkeley where men go for anonymous sex with other men. Photos were taken by AFTAH volunteers from the Bay area. We have covered up the frontal nudity.

nude_dudes_hep_booth-2.JPG These two exhibitionists walked around baring their genitals, with no fear of being arrested. Note the booth for hepatitis vaccinations in the background. Hepatitis strikes men who practice homosexuality disproportionately compared to the rest of society due to their unhealthy and unnatural sexual acts.

up_your_alley_public_perversion.JPG WHERE ARE THE POLICE? Men engage in grotesque public perversion as crowd looks on. One San Francisco policeman told our volunteers that the police were instructed not to make arrests for indecency on the city streets at “Up Your Alley” — but merely to “contain” the activity to the street fair, which encompassed several city blocks. This and all unnatural, homo-sexual acts are objectively evil and, according to Scripture, “detestable” in the eyes of a loving yet holy God who graciously offers forgiveness through Jesus Christ.

police_up_your_alley.JPG THERE THEY ARE: The SFPD was at Up Your Alley, but policemen apparently were instructed not to enforce laws against public indecency, nudity and sex acts in the streets. San Francisco’s extreme political correctness has turned cops into impotent Perversion Protectors.

up_your_alley_sisters_of_perpetual_indulgence.JPG As always at San Francisco “leather” events, the twisted, anti-Catholic “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” were on hand at “Up Your Alley.” Two (male) “sisters” in their nun-spoofing getups talk as a man in the background is readied to be beaten according to the degrading tastes of the sadomasochistic “lifestyle.” Satan must be laughing at what San Francisco has become.

uya_gym_guy.JPG This pantless fellow appears to have left his shorts in the gym bag.

More photos of San Francisco’s “Up Your Alley” perversion-fest will be published tomorrow.


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