Ray Boltz Buys the Lie, Says God Made Him Homosexual

Meanwhile, others credit God with helping them overcome homosexuality

ray_boltz_sells_out_god.jpgRay Boltz back when he was not publicly defying God’s Word. The Christian artist and father of four now says being homosexual “is the way God made me.” 

By Peter LaBarbera

Last week, I was at the Family Research Council’s “Values Voter Summit” in Washington, D.C., where I was struck by how many former homosexuals I encountered in the space of a three day visit. I had breakfast with my good friend Jim, who is happily married and has left homosexuality so far behind that he told me he can barely believe that was how he once lived.

Then there was Anthony Falzarano, a veteran former homosexual who is out with a new book about his life, And Such Were Some of You. (Anthony — who has attended the funerals of many homosexual friends from his old life — was accompanied by his beautiful daughter Mary Victoria, who is alive today because he stopped living the “gay” lie.)

And I met Anthony Glover, an African American man whose road to overcoming homosexuality was solidified by a scary experience of almost committing sodomy with a homosexual man who was HIV-positive. (Yes, some homosexual men intentionally try to infect others with HIV.)

Also stopping at our Americans For Truth booth at the FRC summit was Grace Harley, a former (female-to-male) “transgender” who is now a Christian advocating for healthy change in Maryland.

Amidst all this, I picked up a copy of The Washington Blade, D.C.’s main homosexual newspaper, only to find a long story on former Christian Gospel singer Ray Boltz, who has sold out Jesus by embracing a false “gay” identity after living a life as a married family man. (Self-styled “queer” activists will say that Boltz was living a lie, but his four children do not owe their existence to a “gay” lifestyle.) I read the entire Blade story, but all you really need to know is in the final paragraph:

“This is what it really comes down to,” [Boltz] says. “If this is the way God made me , then this is the way I’m going to live. It’s not like God made me this way and he’ll send me to hell if I am who he created me to be … I really feel closer to God because I no longer hate myself.”

Wow, talk about presumption! This talented man is lost and he needs our prayers. Boltz may “feel” closer to God, but if you believe the Scriptures, he’s farther than ever from Him. We understand that the radical “gay” movement exalts its collective “feelings” over the Bible’s clear teaching — and certainly they are not alone in that regard — but each of us must choose between the truth and lies every day, and homosexual behavior is egregiously sinful, according to God’s Word. (See www.robgagnon.net if you are tempted to rationalize away the Bible’s clear condemnation of homosexual practice.) You just can’t sugarcoat that verdict, although these days even many Christians try.

The good news is that for every Ray Boltz, there is a man or woman who went the other way — toward Truth –and, with the help of a loving God, is overcoming strong homosexual temptations in their life. The logical fallacy of homosexual ideologues like Wayne Besen or the self-serving activists at ExGayWatch — and all who are in the business of “disproving” or discrediting former homosexuals — is that they put forth “failures” like Boltz as the “truth” standard for all who feel the homosexual pull.

In a world of “my truth” as opposed to Absolute Truth (right vs. wrong, good vs. evil), it’s an effective tactic to celebrate those who “feel” that “being gay” is “who I am.” But take a moment to think about the implications of that approach for other besetting sins. Would society ever hold up the men and women who tried to overcome addictions but then failed and returned to their destructive habit as the norm and role models for others? (Yes, homosexual practice is a destructive habit, as attested by the drastically shortened lifespans and high incidence of disease among men who practice same-sex sin.)

Moreover, homosexual activists and fellow travelers are using their insider roles in our public schools to guide sexually confused youth into following Boltz’s model by giving in to powerful yet destructive homosexual urges. Remember that “GLBT” identities remain an ideological concept:  What does it mean to assert that homosexuality (“gay” or “lesbian” identity) defines “who a person is” when the very outworking of that identity — same-sex sexual behavior — has caused so much suffering over the last three decades? Only a society in moral decline would countenance confirming impressionable young people into sinful and unhealthy identities/lifestyles.

Truth is timeless

If we are to accept Boltz’s story, how can we reject my friend Jim’s, or Yvette Schneider’s, or Anthony Falzarano’s? Truth is not decided by sinful man’s “feelings” but is revealed by God, through His Holy Word. And even if you don’t believe the Bible, Nature itself reveals the wrongness of homosexual behavior. Yes, Nature discriminates against men having sex with men, as reflected by the through-the-roof sexually-transmitted disease quotient among MSM (men who have sex with men) and other salient factors like the indisputable fact that homosexual relationships cannot produce children without the assistance of normalcy (heterosexuality).

I do not believe there is a single “cause” of homosexuality, but the reporter in me wants to know more about how Boltz grew up — was there sin (of others), predatory behavior, or dysfunction in his early life that helped set him on this path? My hunch is there is a story there, but regardless, we must pray for this wandering soul to return to Christ while combating the lie he now espouses that a holy God who hates sin “makes people gay.”

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