Ex-Log Cabin Republican Leader Takes over Pro-Homosexual-‘Marriage’ Effort – Cal. Teachers Ass’n Pledges $1 Million to ‘No on 8’

Counterfeit marriage campaign pushes hard for $$$ amidst new polls showing Prop 8 ahead

The following was reported by the Gay and Lesbian Leadership SmartBrief regarding the California Marriage Protection Amendment, Proposition 8, and the No on 8 homosexual counter-campaign to defeat it (emphasis is added). Patrick Guerriero, a Massachusetts homosexual activist who used to run the Log Cabin Republicans, is now on loan to “No on 8” from the Gill Action Fund, which has worked to take out Republican pro-family legislators across the nation. All this provides more evidence that Log Cabin, with its tiny membership of 20,000 nationwide, sees its strategic priority as advancing homosexuality first, and the Republican Party second. And what a shocker this: the California Teachers Association and Hollywood elites oppose traditional marriage:

Guerriero: LGBT Californians must give to stop marriage ban

Veteran activist Patrick Guerriero, who is the new director of California’s “No on 8” campaign, said the key to defeating the constitutional marriage ban lies with securing the financial backing of the state’s estimated 1 million LGBT residents. “If every single LGBT adult would, over the next couple of days, make a donation to this campaign, we will win,” he said. “And if they don’t, we will lose.” Advocate.com (10/15)

Hollywood, teachers union muster funds to defeat Proposition 8: Barbra Streisand and actor-director Rob Reiner are among the Hollywood celebrities expected to attend a $25,000-a-plate fundraiser to support the “No on 8” effort on Tuesday at the Los Angeles home of billionaire Ron Burkle. In related news, the California Teachers Association, the state’s largest teachers union, has pledged $1 million to the campaign to defeat the marriage ban, and producer Steve Bing is giving $500,000, the biggest individual donation thus far from the entertainment industry. Yahoo!/Reuters (10/16) , Washington Blade/The Associated Press (10/16) , Variety/Wilshire & Washington blog (10/15) , San Jose Mercury News (Calif.) (10/15)

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