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Video Shows Intolerance of Anti-Natural-Marriage Forces in California

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

prop_8_family_harassed_smal.jpgVandals For ‘Gay Marriage’? California family that supports the Proposition 8 amendment — reinstating the natural definition of marriage as between a man and a woman — poses beside their car, which was vandalized by “No on 8” activists. The family was targeted for their beliefs. Click HERE to watch a Protect Marriage video describing the hateful acts and slanders committed by pro-homosexual “No on 8” activists.

Dear Americans For Truth Reader,

Please go to the California “Protect Marriage” website and view their compelling video on the desperation of “No on 8” forces trying to derail the proposed constitutional amendment to preserve the natural definition of marriage as one-man, one-woman.

Note the hypocrisy of the “gay marriage” forces — you know, the ones who like to lecture the rest of us on  “tolerance.” Come to think of it, it looks like the “No on 8” activists could use some diversity training.

Seriously, it is imperative that California citizens VOTE TODAY on this critically important issue and urge your friends to do likewise! Ditto for voters in Florida and Arizona who also have the opportunity to preserve and protect natural marriage at the ballot box. (Florida’s amendment requires a 60-percent “Yes” vote.)

To everyone else outside those states the message is the same: please vote today, and do not let the liberal media decide this election. If you are in the western half of the country, please do not even consider not voting — even if you have heard that exit polls on the eastern half of the country are running against your candidate or your preferred party! Your vote counts — not just for deciding who will be our next president, but for deciding a host of local races and the composition of the United States House and Senate.

Again, I urge you: don’t throw your vote away by failing to show up on Election Day! America’s fighting men have given their lives to guarantee the freedom to vote for Iraqis in that far away land. Let’s not dishonor their sacrifice by failing to exercise our same precious right here in America. God bless you. — Peter LaBarbera,


Below is a letter from California Proposition 8’s campaign manager, Frank Shubert:

Dear Friend,

With every recent poll showing Proposition 8 slightly leading or surging with support, our opponents are growing increasingly desperate.

They have aired two new commercials this weekend that are nothing short of shameful. In one, they compare people who believe in traditional marriage to those responsible for the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II. And in another they call backers of traditional marriage, “intolerant” and “offensive.”

Did you ever dream that because you believe marriage is between a man and a woman you’d be called “intolerant,” “offensive” and have it suggested you are racist to boot?

Do the tactics of our opponents anger you? They anger me. But let’s not lash out. Let’s use this as motivation to maximize our get-out-the-vote efforts so that we send a powerful message on Tuesday: Proposition 8 will pass because traditional marriage matters.

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Born Gay or a Gay Basher? No Excuse

Monday, November 3rd, 2008

by Frank Turek,, 11-1-08

After my last column, I got an e-mail from retired FBI agent Bob Hamer.  Bob’s the author of a riveting new book that takes you undercover with him into the world of drug bosses, hit men, and his last assignment, the North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA).   After I sent him a copy of my new book on same-sex marriage, he wrote back:

“Thanks so much for sharing your book. It was powerful and I need to re-read it because it said so much. It actually brought back memories of the NAMBLA conferences I attended. I listened to men justify oral sex on 18 month olds. How often I listened to men claim their pedophilia was an inborn trait; it was natural, ‘this is the way God made me.’”

This “born that way” argument is fueling the case for same-sex marriage in California.  Is it a good argument?

I know this is a difficult and emotional issue for many people, but I think the reasonable answer is no. Not only is the evidence for being “born that way” questionable, even if it were true, it should have no impact on our marriage laws.
First, after many years of intense research, a genetic component to homosexual desires has not been discovered. Twin studies show that identical twins do not consistently have the same sexual orientation. In fact, genetics probably explains very little about homosexual desires. How would a homosexual “gene” be passed on? Homosexuals don’t pass on anything because they don’t reproduce.

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