Thank You for Helping to Restrict the Perversions and Health Hazards at ‘Winter Wickedness’

Deviant-sex-fest goes on at Columbus Holiday Inn but under intense police, media and health department scrutiny; perversion group blasts AFTAH as “religious extremists”; 200 similar S&M events held in hotels nationwide every year

winter-wickedness_abc_report_smut.jpg It’s not too often that you hear a secular TV news reporter use the term ‘smut,’ but that’s how Columbus, Ohio WSYX-TV reporter Meghan McCorkell described the “Winter Wickedness” class schedule (first exposed nationally by AFTAH), which she is holding in her hand at left. Watch McCorkell’s report featuring Coach Dave Daubenmire HERE, and another report also featuring Daubenmire by Columbus’ FOX-TV affiliate HERE. Thousands of phone calls and e-mails poured in to the Holiday Inn Columbus-Worthington Hotel and to International Hotels Group, the owner of the “Holiday Inn” brand — ultimately leading to tightened police and health department restrictions on the deviant-sex event.  A sadomasochism advocacy group blasted Americans For Truth as a “religious extremist group” and said that there are over 200 S&M events like “Winter Wickedness” held annually in hotels across the country.


NOTE TO READERS:  I want to thank each and every one of you who took action against this depraved celebration in the nation’s heartland: “Winter Wickedness.” While the proud perverts ultimately got to keep their dates with deviance at the Holiday Inn Columbus-Worthington, you helped spoil some of their demonic “fun” as police and health official tightened their regulation of the event — reacting to the thousands of protest calls pouring in.

Yes, America the Decadent faces a grave moral crisis, since so many have decided that they know better than God about the purpose of sex and marriage.  But it is comforting to know that there are still a lot of good folks like you out there who care enough to make your voices here.  Get ready to “Take Action” on the many challenges ahead – especially the federal, pro-homosexuality agenda coming on Capitol Hill with the blessing of President Obama (and for which he has no mandate since it was barely discussed in the general election campaign).  God bless you. – Peter LaBarbera, Americans For Truth


Winter Wickedness Goes On, Under Heavy Scrutiny; S&M Group Says 200 such Events Occur in Hotels every Year

By Peter LaBarbera

The sadomasochistic deviant-sex-fest known as “Winter Wickedness” (WW) was allowed to go at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Worthington, Ohio, near Columbus, Friday and Saturday – but under tight restrictions and intense scrutiny by local police, health officials, and TV news media, following Americans For Truth’s exposé of the event and local Christian efforts to shut it down.

After Coach Dave Daubenmire of Columbus-based Pass the Salt Ministries provided copies of Americans For Truth’s web article revealing WW’s hyper-perverse class schedule and “play etiquette” to Columbus police, health department officials and the media, the sadistic event came under intense scrutiny as thousands of calls poured in first to the hotel and ultimately to local media and police.

“Shame and outrage is still alive in Middle America,” Daubenmire told AFTAH. “The outcry was so great that it shows we still have government of the people, by the people and for the people – if we only exercise our God-given rights.” Click HERE for a link to the local ABC-TV report featuring Coach Daubenmire, in which WSYX-TV reporter Meghan McCorkell aptly refers to Winter Wickedness’ list of activities as “smut.” Click HERE for a separate story on WW by the local FOX-TV affiliate, which also featured the Coach. The Holiday Inn-Winter Wickedness controversy led both newscasts.

Kudos to Coach Daubenmire. Thanks to his efforts and those of other concerned citizens, local police and health officials informed WW organizers that improper disposal of bodily fluids is a crime as is doing body piercings without a license – and that that violators would be arrested.

A collective effort exposed the heinous event (see our “Staple-phobe” piece to get a hint of WW’s sick agenda): Citizens for Community Values, a Cincinnati-based pro-family group, first learned of the “wicked” event and’s articles about Winter Wickedness contributed greatly to the deluge of concerned calls to the Holiday Inn. Columbus radio talk show host Bob Burney also helped expose the perversion-fest.

“Sexual Freedom”?
Winter Wickedness is part of an “Adventures in Sexuality” sadomasochistic network of events celebrating consensual winter-wickedness_abc_perverted_titles.jpgsexualized violence and degradation. Under the euphemistic banner of “sexual freedom,” they practice and give how-to lessons on behaviors so perverse – e.g., bloody and sadistic acts involving knives, beatings, and, in this case, “crazy glue-ing” and “stapling” human flesh (for pleasure!) — that many people found it hard to believe the Americans For Truth account, which merely reprinted pages from the S&M event’s website. (We hope none of these bloody exercises were allowed to occur in a public meeting space due to the increased police presence that resulted from your phone calls.)

So depraved is the sadomasochistic agenda represented by Winter Wickedness that event organizers had to issue the a horrific stipulation in their “play” rules: that urinating, defecating and vomiting on other people as part of some twisted sex fetish “scene” would NOT be allowed at the Worthington, Ohio hotel (but presumably they would at S&M conferences in more “enlightened” parts of the country). In addition to promoting bizarre fetishes such as “gangbang” fantasies, the WW event also promoted more run-of-the-mill perversions such as anal sodomy for women and “polyamory” — i.e., multiple-partner “relationships.”

Despite all this, Columbus’ “alternative” weekly newspaper, The Other Paper, ran a a blog item article mocking (and lying about) three Christian protesters who came to Worthington to protest the deviant-sex event. This perfectly illustrates the modern liberal “tolerance” obsession — under which “judging” is always the worst crime, even if one is speaking out against an event where men and women shoot heavy-duty construction staples into each other to get turned on. (Oh boy!) Other Paper “reporter” Kitty McConnell justified her snide (and inaccurate) blog report fulminating against the protesters — “religious fundamentalists are always so gosh-darned fond of IEDs [improvised explosive device] and pipe bombs when things don’t go their way” — by saying it was her duty to expose “hate speech” in her neighborhood.

IHG passes the buck

Meanwhile, InterContinental Hotels Groups (IHG)  (800-621-0555), which owns the “Holiday Inn” brand, attempted to divert responsibility for the Columbus Holiday Inn’s hosting of the perversion-fest to another company, Alliance Hotels & Resorts, which it said owned and manages the hotel. Here is part of the mass e-mail that Britain-based IHG sent out to concerned citizens [see our story HERE with the full IHG statement]:

The Holiday Inn brand did not endorse nor approve the reported activities associated with this group. [Alliance Hotels & Resorts] has chosen, due to its understanding of its contractual obligations, to allow the group to maintain their reservation. has assured Holiday Inn that the property [Holiday Inn Columbus-Worthington] is taking every measure to isolate the group to a limited area within the hotel, the event will not be marketed in public areas of the hotel, and that all group events will take place in meeting areas that, in addition to being isolated, will also be inaccessible to those who are not part of this group. It is our understanding that the hotel has taken several other precautionary measures to manage the impact of this event, including hiring extra security guards. Also, all guests with existing reservations have been notified of this event and have been offered alternate accommodations at a nearby hotel, and the hotel’s inventory has been closed to incoming guests during the event.

The IHG statement did not dissuade Bob Knight of Melba, Idaho, from launching his own personal boycott of Holiday Inn hotels.

200 Hotel Perversion Events Nationwide
The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF), a pro-sadomasochism organization that defends deviant-sex events nationwide, sent out an e-mail alert to its followers after American For Truth alerted the public to Winter Wickedness, claiming that 200 such events occur in hotels nationwide. The NCSF –which hopes to remove sadomasochism from the list of mental disorders and fights to have BDSM (bondage/discipline, dominance/submission, sadism/masochism) considered a “sexual orientation” in the legal code for anti-discrimination purposes — blasted AFTAH as a “religious extremist” group.

In light of our role in exposing this sadistic and sexual lunacy, we wear that label proudly.


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