The dangers of “men having sex with men” (MSM) should be obvious to all

By Peter LaBarbera

In the world of proud, American, male homosexuality, there is great denial of the linkage between homosexual behavior and disease, and even early death. Confronted with evidence of the disproportionate connection between male homosexuality and disease — evidence so clear even a child could comprehend it — “gay” activists and their liberal enablers often respond by talking about how “heterosexuals also get STDs,” or how “heterosexuals are dying of AIDS in Africa,” etc. Their pat answers help them rationalize a decidedly “queer” ideology that celebrates unnatural sexual identities and lifestyles defined by deviant sex practices that are actually quite dangerous.

Despite these jingoistic rationalizations, the tragic toll of homosexual behavior continues to rise, while supposed advocates for GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender) people offer up the same failed methods as a panacea for dealing with the gay-sex-disease crisis: condoms and “safer sex.” The flip side of homosexualist denial is that government agencies never attempt to discourage homosexual behavior per se as a means of reducing the suffering — and only rarely are the extraordinary health risks of homosexual behavior taught clearly to youth.

What greater testimony is there to the idiocy surrounding homosexuality and public health disease prevention, or lack thereof, than the continued operation of homosexual bathhouses across the country, where men go for anonymous sodomitic encounters with other men?  (One such perversion center even sponsored a “Queer Prom” for Latino youth in Chicago last year.)

This colossal public health disaster is the direct result of GLBT organizing and political clout which, ironically, helps perpetuate the suffering of homosexual men. If the public health powers that be could somehow manage to cut through the politically correct cow manure, they might ask themselves why this link between homo-sexual behavior (or, as Prof. Rob Gagnon calls it, homosex) and disease is being downplayed or ignored while other similarly obvious connections (e.g., smoking and lung disease) are dealt with forthrightly, resulting in no-nonsense prevention methods that discourage or ban unhealthy conduct (e.g., public media campaigns against smoking and laws banning smoking).

Below is a typical article from the “gay” press pointing to the link between male homosexual behavior and one disease, syphilis (emphasis added):

Syph Up in NYC

Michael R. Bloomberg’s Preliminary Mayor’s Management Report acknowledges a 30.3 percent increase in syphilis cases in New York City, “reflecting national trends.” The report pledges to “work closely with providers reporting the greatest number of syphilis cases” and “more intensive services.”

The report said that “95 percent of the cases are male and a majority report having sex with other men.”

Condom distribution was way up in FY2008 and the city is now using Facebook to promote condom use. Bloomberg, however, still opposes reinstating lessons in classrooms on proper condom use, a ban instituted under Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Gay City News, a New York City-based homosexual newspaper, Feb. 20-March 5, 2009, p. 9.

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