AFTAH Responds to Letter: God Did Not Make Your Son a Homosexual

I sent a version of the following letter to a “Christian” writer who appears to have accepted the Big Lie put forth by pro-homosexual ideologues and liberal religionists — that some people (in this case, his son) are intrinsically “gay”; that God “created” them that way (i.e., as a loving creation); and hence, by implication, that God approves of their homosexual behavior:

Dear Sir,

…. Are you saying that a holy God made your son to desire and have sex with other men — even though that same God in the Bible clearly and unequivocally condemns homosexual practice (Old and New Testaments)? Do you believe God designed nature so that “men who have sex with men” (MSM), to use sterile CDC terminology, even though MSM suffer disproportionately from all sorts of sexually transmitted diseases? With all due respect, I think that is an untenable position. (See Professor Rob Gagnon’s website,, for more information on the Bible and homosexuality.)

I have met MANY ex-gay men and women who have overcome this lifestyle, and others who still fight homosexual attractions but are living chastely in accord with God’s Word and the teachings of their religion. (See,, or Why don’t you hold up those options as available to your son, rather than recasting God and His creation? I urge you to resist the temptation to cave in to the activist “gay” ideological mindset, which is antithetical to God’s revealed guidebook for our lives, the Bible.


Peter LaBarbera
Americans For Truth About Homosexuality

 Letter to AFTAH:
From: [name withheld]
Sent: Friday, April 24, 2009 12:59 PM
Subject: [AFT Web Site] homosexuals

The following message was sent from the Americans for Truth Web site:

I am a Christian, and my son is gay. After much prayer and [Pastoral] counseling I have learned the the one true God made my son with love and for a reason that I may not know. But God does have a plan, and [you] or I cannot question God\’s creations.

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