Dick Cheney Is a Great Man, but He Is Wrong on ‘Gay Marriage’

dick-cheney1.jpg“PFOX believes that parents and children should love one another unconditionally, by respecting our right to hold different views.  Thus parents like Vice President Cheney and I can love our children without having to support genderless marriage.”Regina Griggs

Folks, I agree with the statement below by my friend Regina Griggs of PFOX (Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays). I am a huge Dick Cheney fan in most respects. I think he is doing the nation a tremendous service by holding President Obama accountable on foreign policy.  He and President Bush helped keep America safe for eight years — and anyone who has incurred as much wrath as he has from the Hateful, Hard Left is almost a hero by definition. (Or maybe I’m wrong: perhaps we would have been safer had ‘Vice President Olbermann’ had the President’s ear during the Bush years. After all, the MSNBC twit host has called Cheney “as insane as any terrorist.”)

But on homosexuality-related issues Cheney — father or openly lesbian Mary —  is letting his emotions cloud his considerable intellect. I agree with some of my friends in the pro-family movement that he is likely a big part of the reason why President Bush never used his executive power to really push hard for a Federal Marriage Amendment. Bottom line: loving your son or daughter never means embracing everything they do, and homosexuality will always be immoral behavior no matter how many celebs and VIPs say otherwise. (Then again: I still haven’t read that fifth Gospel According to Ellen.)

If the GOP abandons the homosexual issue or does worse — by treating the appallingly decadent spectacle of sodomy-based “marriage” as a “freedom” issue — as so many libertarian and “money”-oriented Republicans are calling for — it could serve as a catalyst for the creation of a serious third party built in part on social issues. That party could enthusiastically take on the “Evil Trinity” (to quote the great pro-family attorney Jan LaRue): Abortion; Homosexual activism; and Pornography. Throw in a party that truly cuts government spending and taxes, and takes on radical feminism and illegal immigration, and you’ve got something that could draw enough support to become at least a “swing” player in major elections. The GOP must stop the hemorrhaging of good conservatives fleeing to more principled pastures, or the hemorrhaging will only get worse.

Homosexuality is a moral issue. It’s a God issue — not a “feelings,” tolerance or “identity” issue. And it certainly is not a freedom issue (any more than abortion is) — by which I mean principled freedom in the context of a healthy moral order as opposed to license and libertinism. I am a Republican, but I will never put party before God and His Truth. Please pray for Mary Cheney, that she will see the light as so many former lesbians have, and repent and leave the homosexual lifestyle. — Peter LaBarbera, www.aftah.com


PFOX News Release

June 2, 2009

Dick Cheney and Gay Marriage

Children Need Freedom to Know and Love their Mother and Father

News Advisory:  June 3, 2009

Contact:  Regina Griggs, Director, Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays (PFOX)


In response to Dick Cheney’s statements regarding same-sex marriage, Regina Griggs of PFOX made the following comments:

“Former Vice President Dick Cheney has stated that ‘people ought to get a shot’ at same-sex marriage and referenced his lesbian daughter, Mary.  My heart goes out to Vice President Cheney.  As the mother of a homosexual, I understand how Mr. Cheney feels.

But what I think is best for society, especially children, is for children to have both a mother and a father.  As responsible members of society, we must look to what is best for our culture as a whole.  Marriage goes beyond the individuals involved and affects society every day.

For example, children do best when raised by their Mom and Dad.  When adults make a decision to enter into genderless marriage and deliberately deny a child a mother and father, it is about self-gratification.  The forced restructuring of society and attempts to deny Americans the right to vote against redefining marriage will not provide approval for homosexual couples nor a Mom and Dad for children.  Which one of you would deliberately forfeit your mother or father?

President Ronald Reagan never let his children’s liberal views get in the way of his running the nation according to his conservative philosophy.  He did what he felt was right for his country, no matter how much it angered his children.  Today they respect his legacy.

As the executive director of Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays (PFOX), I believe parents do not have to approve of everything their children do.  Responsible parenting is loving and respecting our children in spite of our differences.  Most gay activist groups insist that parents love their children only when they affirm same-sex marriage.  PFOX believes that parents and children should love one another unconditionally, by respecting our right to hold different views.  Thus parents like Vice President Cheney and I can love our children without having to support genderless marriage.”

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