Miss California Pageant Officials Required Carrie Prejean to Attend Pro-‘Gay Marriage’ Event

Folks, we’re way behind on our posts, so I apologize for the delay in bringing you this piece by Randy Thomasson. What a sorry nation we are becoming when a woman like Carrie Prejean is punished and vilified for her polite defense of traditional marriage. And to think that the “gay” movement has gotten this far by playing the victim. Perversion movements are not “nice” in that they are willing to sacrifice much good for the sake of legitimizing their perversion. — Peter LaBarbera, www.aftah.com

Also see Randy’s blog story: “Carrie Prejean: 4 of 12 Miss USA Pageant Judges Were Homosexuals”

Randy writes on his blog:


Why Carrie Prejean lost her earthly crown

Thursday, June 11, 2009, 5:43 pm | Randy Thomasson blog

First, a homosexual activist “judge” kept Carrie Prejean from winning the Miss USA contest.

Next, the homosexual “marriage” activists who led the California pageant tried to get Carrie fired, but Donald Trump said no.

Finally, the homosexual activist director of the Miss California Pageant persisted and got rid of Carrie.

Keith Lewis, the director of the Miss California USA Pageant, is an open homosexual and obviously very insecure. After Carrie said on national TV on April 19 that marriage is only for a man and a woman, Lewis said he was personally offended. For weeks, he campaigned unprofessionally, publicly and continually attacking Carrie and aggressively lobbied Donald Trump to fire her.

Lewis’ anti-natural-marriage campaign showed its venom on May 11. That’s when Lewis and then-co-director Shanna Moakler (a former Playboy centerfold who strongly believes in homosexual “marriage”) held a Beverly Hills news conference blasting Carrie for “unauthorized” speaking engagements at her church and at a traditional marriage news conference, as well as Carrie’s lingerie and swimsuit photos, and called for her to be fired.

The next day, May 12, pageant owner Donald Trump directed everyone to “make nice” and said Carrie would keep her crown. But what does oil have in common with water or light in common with dark? The 12-page contract Carrie signed is horrible and gave Keith Lewis so much power over her.

The day after the “unity event” in New York, Moakler and Lewis came back to California. That same day, Moakler resigned from her pageant post to protest Carrie keeping her crown. And Lewis began “keeping a file” on Carrie in an effort to eventually fire her himself.

That takes us to now.

There’s every indication that Lewis had daggers in his eyes for Carrie ever since she said she doesn’t believe in homosexual “marriage” like he does.

And there is evidence that Lewis tried to muzzle Carrie from speaking at events of her choosing. Email transcripts between Carrie and Lewis suggest he had a problem with her speaking at the Special Olympics, while, at the same time, suggesting she pose for Playboy and appear on grungy “reality TV” shows.

On Thursday, I listened to Carrie on the Sean Hannity radio show, who now has the help of pro-family attorney Chuck LiMandri, who’s issued a statement accusing Keith Lewis of fabricating his claims.

On the show, Carrie said Lewis wanted her to attend a documentary promoting gay “marriage” at the Sundance Film Festival and she refused. “If I’m in breach of contract because I didn’t go to a gay event, so be it,” she said.

As for the Playboy magazine offer, Carrie says this “shows their hidden agenda…they wanted me to break to the contract [prohibiting nude and semi-nude photos]…they wanted me out from day one….I have the email to prove it.”

“This is happening to me because of my stance on gay marriage,” Carrie said. “It’s not because of the contract…It’s really taught me how intolerant some people can be…It’s not right and it’s just plain wrong what’s happened to me.”

I agree. The big picture here is the blatant intolerance of the homosexual agenda, which PUNISHES anyone who disagrees with them.

If Carrie were my sister, I would have encouraged her to quit a few weeks ago. She had “appealed” the bad conduct of her boss Keith Lewis to a higher judge, Donald Trump, the owner of the pageant. But Lewis kept his job and kept targeting Carrie. Apparently, the animosity of a homosexual activist against those who disagree will never agree to peace.

Quitting would have put Carrie in the driver’s seat. She could have told America how she stood on principle about her public appearances and had to quit rather than give up her principles. Why agree to have your free speech controlled by a homosexual activist who hates you and targets you for your stand on marriage?

But look what’s happened. Keith Lewis and Carrie’s detractors aggressively rode the media circuit the first 24 hours of this story. While Carrie was hiding from the media that day and turning down interview requests, she was publicly labeled a contract-breaker. By not anticipating the firing and not doing media, Carrie was called the bad guy and the homosexual activists cheered. Twenty-two-year-old Carrie needs better public relations advisors!

To many, this is a case of “he said, she said.” America clearly witnessed and understood the first intolerant homosexual attack from Perez Hilton upon Carrie during the Miss USA Pageant. But now that another homosexual activist, Pageant Director Keith Lewis, has attacked Carrie on a technicality, which involves details about public appearances that are cloudy or at least unclear. America can’t correctly judge this.

Through it all, Carrie has been given an incredible platform and opportunity to speak for God’s truth. My hope is that Carrie will seek God’s biblical wisdom for her next step. Personally, I would like to see her reject fleshy beauty pageants and the lusty photos she’s posed in, which, so far, she’s defended. It would be helpful to America for her to write a book that honors what God created – the natural family and moral standards for sexuality – and championing the American ethic of free speech.

But most of all, I hope Carrie will take some time to grow deeper in her faith and in everything seek to be a holy example for girls and young women. I don’t want teen girls to dream about strutting on stage for a beauty contest or taking risqué photos or getting breast implants like Carrie did. God created women to be much better than that.

Get a healthy perspective on the topic of outer beauty versus inner beauty. Listen to the SaveAmerica.com Radio Show with former model Jennifer Strickland. This is a very stimulating discussion to help women develop a true identity and give up their false identities. (Men, you need to hear this too, to understand the women and girls in your family.)

Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting;
but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.
Proverbs 31:30 NIV

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