Obama Says Foes of Homosexuality Hold to ‘Worn Arguments and Old Attitudes’

obama_gay_benefits_homosexual_activists.jpg‘Worn Arguments, Old Attitudes’: That’s how President Obama describes the thinking of millions upon millions of Americans who oppose homosexual behavior [watch his elitist “gay pride” speech HERE.] At a recent Oval Office ceremony, President Obama shakes the hand of Frank Kameny — a hero to homosexual activists but a bigoted extremist to pro-family activists on the receiving end of his intemperate letters. Kameny smears Christian conservatives as “Christianofascists” and says “gay is godly,” even though he’s an atheist. (Kameny also wrote AFTAH that bestiality is OK “as long as the animal doesn’t mind.”) Christians, Jews, Muslims, and all moral-minded Americans must resist Obama’s use of the bully pulpit to undermine timeless truths by advancing the “gay” agenda of turning aberrant and unhealthy sex and gender confusion into “civil rights.”  Click on White House photo to enlarge.


TAKE ACTION: Call your Senators today to oppose the “Hate Crimes” bill, S 909;  then call your Congressman and your Senators and voice your opposition to homosexualizing the armed forces and ENDA — the Employment NonDiscrimination Act, which would compel small businesses to subsidize and reward immoral behavior. Call 202-224-3121 or 202-225-3121 or go to www.congress.org.  


By Peter LaBarbera

So (President) Barack Obama is going to teach us (and by extension, God) a few things about the supposed morality of homosexual relationships? “Audacity” suddenly seems like too small a word for Mr. Obama. A few years ago this fellow was a back-bencher in Springfield, Illinois, unable to summon up the strength of character to vote for a bill designed to protect babies “born alive” through botched abortions. Now he’s President of the greatest and most blessed nation on earth and is so sure of his moral rectitude (or, conversely, cynical of divine absolutes) that he dismisses those “worn arguments and old attitudes” against homosexual behavior — you know, the ones rooted in Genesis in the Old Testament and Romans in the New.

Go HERE to watch the president’s elitist slap at faith-motivated Americans; start watching at the 1:00 minute mark of the speech to homosexual activists celebrating “gay pride month.” A transcript of the speech accompanies the Youtube video.

Who can quantify the arrogance of politicians, whose gargantuan egos lead them to make moral pronouncements that are, theologically and philosophically speaking, way “beyond their pay grade” (to paraphrase the strategically humble Obama)? This is not the first time Obama has played God: in the Democratic primary both he and Hillary Clinton — faced with the comment by Gen. Peter Pace that homosexual acts are immoral and incompatible with miliary service — simply declared that Gen. Pace was wrong because homosexuality is not immoral. Who knew that overturning five millennia of Judeo-Christian teachings was so simple?

Now, with the President using his bully pulpit to promote such ignoble and dubious causes as placing children in homes that are intentionally fatherless or motherless (he champions “gay adoption”), who could blame porn-users, compulsive liars, philanderers, and tax-cheats for lobbying the presumptive Theologian-in-Chief to declare that their misconduct is “not immoral”? (South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford could benefit right about now from a follow-up presidential proclamation declaring July ‘Adulterers Pride Month.’)

But the president is not acting alone. In fact, he’s following a fairly well-established Democratic script (and socially liberal Republicans are not far behind). Remember last year when Al Gore, one-time Southern Baptist, decided that — notwithstanding the inconvenient truth of God’s Word — two men or two women should be able to get “married”? Or, back in the eighties, when once-solid pro-lifer Rep. Dick Gephardt decided that unborn babies didn’t have a right to live after all? (By sheer coincidence, Gephardt’s cruel conversion came just in time for his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination.)

We could fill a thousand books with similar Profiles in Cowardice of hollow, unprincipled and yet incredibly self-inflated men who transmit the adulation of politics into the idea that somehow they are above the laws of Nature and Nature’s God.  But there is no time for that now. Our task is to resist this one man who could sign legislation that injects open homosexuality into our military, helps destroy the meaning of marriage, compels small businessmen to subsidize homosexuality and gender confusion, and starts America down the path of criminalizing opposition to sexual sin.

Christians, Muslims, Orthodox Jews — indeed, even tradition-respecting atheists who share our opposition to privileging unnatural and changeable behavior in the law — stick to your worn arguments and old attitudes, which are far superior to today’s newfangled brand of perversion-based “civil rights.” None of you have anything to learn about the supposed morality of homosexual behavior from Mr. Obama. He may have the power to order a nuclear strike or change the balance of the Supreme Court, but as a mere man he has zero authority to repudiate God’s transcendent moral law on sex and marriage.

obama_celebrates_gay_pride.jpgGo HERE to watch the president’s elitist slap at faith-motivated Americans with their “worn arguments and old attitudes”; start watching at the 1:00 minute mark of the speech to homosexual activists celebrating “gay pride month.” A transcript of the speech accompanies the Youtube video.

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