VIDEO: ‘Electro Torture’ and Public Nudity on New York City Streets – ‘Folsom Street East’

WARNING: Graphic footage; nudity is blurred out

For more information on this vile event — the “Folsom Street East” block party held June 21, 2009 in Manhattan — see our initial photo-story: “New York City Plays Host to Folsom-East Deviant Sex-Fest — Violating Lewdness Laws.” We will have more YouTube videos on Folsom Street East’s illegal public depravities; more background follows video:

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This is footage from New York City “Folsom Street East” sadomasochistic “block party” in Manhattan (nudity is covered up) — shot by a New York volunteer for Americans For Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH). The event featured public perversions and nudity like this man tied to a St. Andrew’s cross — who, with genitals exposed, is being “electro-tortured” by another man wielding a remote control device.  Note the willing “victim” writhing in pain after his “torturer” clicks the remote. Such open public nudity and lewdness is a violation of several New York laws, yet police did nothing to intervene in this event.

Police later told AFTAH that they normally do not monitor private “block parties” ($10 gained entrance to Folsom East), but due to citizen complaints they will be more strict before issuing a permit to “Folsom Street East” organizers next year. Note: this NYC event is a copycat of the sadomasochism-celebrating “Folsom Street Fair” held annually in San Francisco. Information on contacting New York City officials, including police, is at the end of the video. — Peter LaBarbera

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