One Man’s ‘Hate’ Is Another Man’s Moral Code

We sent the following response to the latest letter to AFTAH from “Richard,” a frequent critic of our work. Richard’s letter follows ours below:

Who defines “hate,” Richard? By classifying the outworking of Christianity and other major religions’ teachings against homosexuality as “hate,” you and fellow pro-homosexual activists become haters of a different sort, though you are blind to your hypocrisy. You despise (hate) the wisdom of Judeo-Christian tradition (on your pet issue) and you abhor (hate) the Bible’s clear teachings against homosexual practice. And then revisionist “gay theologians” cynically attempt to redefine the Word of God by whitewashing the sin of homosexual behavior.

All this leads you to vilify as “haters” those who simply disagree with you — i.e., well-meaning men and women who love God’s teachings on sex and marriage and try their best to follow them.

Your side especially excels at demonizing groups like Americans For Truth and people who counter the well-heeled “Gay” Lobby by defending historic morality in the public square. You regularly smear us as “haters” and homo-“phobes” when we have no hatred or irrational fear in our hearts. That is a mean (and hateful) thing to do to people of faith — even though I understand it as a utilitarian political tactic designed to advance your pro-homosexual agenda.  Many pro-family and pro-traditional-marriage advocates across the country have felt the sting of “gay” activist hate.

As to public policy on homosexuality and transsexuality, it is completely irrational to base “civil rights” on changeable, destructive and unnatural sexual/gender misbehavior — as opposed to unchangeable skin color. (There are zero “ex-Blacks” but thousands of ex-“gays.”) Homosexuality-based “rights” invariably war against religious freedom, as the (hateful) homosexual activist campaigns against the Boy Scouts of America, Prop 8 in California, and other religious organizations and individuals demonstrate. Your intolerant sexual agenda undermines true liberty by using the government to circumscribe Americans’ freedom to adhere to their moral beliefs; this is the un-American end result of “sexual orientation” laws.  Unfortunately for you, religious freedom is sacrosanct in this nation; we hope it will remain so and that the courts will uphold citizens’ constitutional right not to affirm and subsidize behavior they consider immoral.

Do you want to see the face of hate, Richard? Look in the mirror. Let me leave you with this plea: repent of your sins and follow God. He will wipe your slate clean. Jesus Christ loves sinners, but He does “hate” sin, and died in our place so that we could spend eternity with God, and not face the judgment we surely deserve as sinners who constantly fall short of His righteous and holy standard. I will ask AFTAH readers to pray for you.

Peter LaBarbera
Americans For Truth About Homosexuality

Richard’s letter to Americans For Truth:

From: Richard S.
Sent: Sunday, July 19, 2009 1:29 AM
Subject: [AFT Web Site] Freedom to Disagree

The following message was sent from the Americans for Truth Web site:

Yes Peter, AFTAH and all other hate groups in America have complete freedom to publish, preach, and teach all the hate they choose to publish, preach, and teach. The Constitution holds for all. What hates [sic] groups such as AFTAH can not do is discriminate based on sexual orientation, gender expression, sex, race, or religion in public accomodations [sic], employment, and other areas of public life. It is really rather simple: in public act civilized, in private hate anyone you wish as hatefully as you wish. I note you never publish nor reply to my rational and truthful letters. Odd, that is.

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