VIDEO: Barack Obama’s 2007 Speech to Planned Parenthood

obama-basketball_2.jpgHope and change. Right. Below is then-presidential candidate Barack Obama’s July 17, 2007 speech at Planned Parenthood, the world’s largest “provider” of abortions. (Q: What services do you provide? A: We will snuff out the life of your innocent, unborn child, for a fee minority babies preferred.) It should be remembered that this evil organization is also a leading and aggressive advocate for homosexuality and extramarital sex (check out their reckless “Teenwire” youth sexual advice website).

Obama likes to play basketball, and the head fake is an important part of the game. You try to get your defender to commit with a head or body fake, throwing him off balance so you can move in to take the real shot (or get a clear shot at the basket). “Both Sides” Barack, the candidate, made some pretty good head fakes on abortion and homosexual “marriage” during the campaign, and many Americans were fooled. He said he wanted to “reduce the number of abortions” and pretended to be a strong supporter of preserving traditional marriage. (Remember the Saddleback Church debate moderated by Rick Warren?)

Then the real Obama went to the hoop: he championed the radical Freedom of Choice Act to rally his pro-abortion base as a candidate, expanded taxpayer-funded abortions worldwide as president, and now is moving to destroy DOMA, the Defense of Marriage Act (signed into law by Democrat Bill Clinton in 1996). But the double-game is getting much tougher for Obama: a growing number of Americans are seeing him for what he is: the most radically left president ever to occupy the Oval Office. Shame on the gullible Christians and religionists who went for his head fakes. We’d be fools to rely on them again to “defend” life and marriage. — Peter LaBarbera

P.S. I wonder if Obama is aware of Planned Parenthood’s racist origins.

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[This YouTube video had only 85,371 hits as of Aug. 30, 2009.]

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