Obama EEOC Appointee Chai Feldblum Would Turn Christians and Moral Foes of Homosexuality into Second-Class Citizens

Key gay legal activist says homosexual sex is “morally good” — and says her side’s “moral” claims eclipse our right to oppose homosexuality


“As a general matter, once a religious person or institution enters the stream of commerce by operating an enterprise such as a doctor’s office, hospital, bookstore, hotel, treatment center and so on, I believe the enterprise must adhere to a norm of nondiscrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. … … While I was initially drawn to the idea of providing an exemption to those enterprises that advertise solely in very limited milieus (such as the bed & breakfast that advertises only on Christian Web sites), I became wary of such an approach as a practical matter….”
— Homosexual legal activist, Georgetown law professor, and Obama EEOC appointee Chai Feldblum, “Moral Conflict and Liberty: Gay Rights and Religion,” 2006, p. 52. Feldblum favors a limited exemption to “gay rights” laws for religious teaching institutions and the “leadership” of faith-based groups.

Will Her ‘Rights’ Replace Yours? In the world of Chai Feldblum (above), defending sodomy and homosexuality-based relationships is a “moral” endeavor. Legally speaking, she sees the battle between “gay rights” and religious/moral opposition to homosexuality as a “zero sum game” — i.e., one side wins and the other side loses. But if the “right” of homosexuals and transsexuals to have their lifestyles approved supersedes the freedom of Americans to act on their belief that homosexual behavior is wrong, then wouldn’t Christians and moral Americans become second-class citizens?


TAKE ACTION: The U.S. Senate will be taking up the Chai Feldblum nomination, probably in the next few weeks. Call and write your two U.S. senators (202-224-3121; www.congress.org) and urge them to oppose her confirmation to be a Commissioner on the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Tell your Senators that you oppose awarding superior rights to people based on their homosexual, bisexual or transsexual lifestyle — which they would have if Feldblum’s radical egalitarian philosophy takes hold in the employment realm. Explain that Americans’ First Amendment liberty to follow our conscience should never be made subservient to special interest sexual agendas.

Dear Readers,

AFTAH is featured in the report below by American Family Association’s “One News Now.” about President Obama’s latest homosexual appointee: Georgetown law professor and lesbian legal activist Chai Feldblum as a commissioner at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). (Think “sexual orientation discrimination” EEOC lawsuits against businesses if Obama gets his way legislatively.)

Unlike some “gay” activists, Feldblum at least grants that we religious Americans have a legitimate “belief liberty” to oppose homosexuality. But she also asserts that according to her reading of the law and Constitution, homosexuals’ “moral” claims should usually eclipse ours under. (And please forgive me if I don’t gush over Feldblum’s recognition of our moral rights — considering that homosexual practice has been linked as a dominating causal factor for HIV and other sexually-transmitted diseases, and that it ranks up there with incest, bestiality and child sacrifice in the Old Testament not-to-do list.)

If her paper trail is any indication, Feldblum will help destroy religious liberty in this country (albeit, with some exemptions; see pp. 50-55 HERE) by elevating modern, newfangled “gay rights” and “transgender rights” above our precious, foundational American freedom to live by our religious and moral convictions. Beware: Obama just made it easier for this smiling legal activist with a very “queer” understanding of morality to steal your precious American liberty, and trample over your conscience in the name of “gay equality.”

peter_labarbera_new.jpg  Peter LaBarbera, Americans For Truth About Homosexuality

P.S. What is a homosexual activist doing teaching law at a Catholic university, anyway? Oops, I forgot: Georgetown is CINO (Catholic In Name Only); its “Catholicism” does not guide its public actions — in fact, GU profs like Feldblum actively undermine historic Church teachings. Isn’t that sort of like the “gay” vision of impotent “Christianity” that Feldblum and fellow secular activists have for faith-motivated Americans in the public square? They are redefining “core American values” to include the celebration of “gay” tolerance — and neutering our nation’s Judeo-Christian heritage — through a radical egalitarian ideology that masquerades as “equality.” (Their rally cry? “Sexual liberty”!) Doesn’t it make more sense for our historic, genuine First Amendment liberties — established by a fledgling nation fleeing religious oppression in the Old World — to remain sacrosanct in the law?

Study this: Feldblum’s 2006 Beckett Fund symposium paper, ‘Moral Conflict and Liberty: Gay Rights and Religion”

AFA’s One News Now reports:

President taps lesbian activist to EEOC

By Allie Martin – OneNewsNow – 10/12/2009

Chai Feldblum (Obama EEOC appointee) President Barack Obama continues to deliver on his promises to the homosexual activist community.

The president has nominated Chai Feldblum, a lesbian activist, to be commissioner for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Her appointment is awaiting Senate confirmation.

Feldblum, a law professor at Georgetown University, has signed an online petition titled, “Beyond Same-Sex Marriage: A New Strategic Vision for All Our Families and Relationships.” That petition chides conservatives for opposing same-sex “marriage” and also calls for a “new vision” for achieving recognition from the government and private sector for diverse kinds of partnerships.

“Chai Feldblum is on record saying that the battle between our religious freedoms and homosexual so-called rights is a zero sum game,” says Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality.

“She says she can’t think of a case where the religious rights — in other words, our moral right to oppose homosexuality, our First Amendment freedom — trump their gay rights. So, effectively, Chai Feldblum is for superior rights for homosexuals, and I think that’s very dangerous for our country.”

Speaking at a forum in 2004, Feldblum stated that “gay sex is morally good.” (View her comments on YouTube)


Additional Resources:  “If You Hate America, You Have a Lawyer: Chai Feldblum”

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