Full Text of Violence-Threatening ‘Joe.My.God’ Post Against AFTAH and Pro-Family Leaders

Jervis takes down post, falsely claiming advocate of “well organized terrorism” against Christians was joking



The following is the complete text of the Nov. 4, 2009 post, “Haters vs.Haters: Peter LaBarbera Attacks Maine’s Stand for Marriage,” by homosexual activist Joe Jervis on his “Joe.My.God.” blog (he took down the post yesterday). The post contains violence-oriented and -threatening comments against me and AFTAH, Maggie Gallagher, founder of the National Organization for Marriage, and Matt Barber of Liberty Counsel by some of Jervis’ readers. We have not changed a single word, so you will read some vulgar and obscene comments.

After the story broke open yesterday, Jervis took down the post [at http://joemygod.blogspot.com/2009/11/haters-vs-haters-peter-labarbera.html], claiming the threatening posts were a “joke” and that our and Matt Barber’s efforts to expose the threatening post was an “obvious attempt to intimidate me and my readers.” Actually, we just sought to expose the extremist rhetoric that could lead a deranged homosexual to kill. We would not fault homosexual advocates to do the same regarding irresponsible and threatening “conservative” rhetoric.

Jervis claims that the comment posted by “Tex” is “clearly a joke,” but as you can see from his two comments below, Tex clearly is serious about the need for violence against Christians to advance the “gay rights” agenda.

Jervis also writes that he’s taken down the controversial only “for the time being,” but “After I’ve thoroughly reviewed all the comments, it’ll go back up.” AFTAH would never post anything encouraging violence against homosexuals — in fact we have denounced such rhetoric; we don’t understand why Jervis feels the need to rationalize comments that endorse homosexual violence against Christians. (Click HERE to read about the phone-in death threat against Maine pro-family veteran Mike Heath, who is also the Board Chairman of AFTAH.)

Yes, Ft. Hood changes everything because it is proof that Political Correctness can end up killing lots of innocent people. Actually, that’s nothing new: liberalism’s naivete and “softness” toward Communism contributed to the deaths of untold millions.

We’ve bolded the most offensive portions, including Fritz’s not-too-subtle “warnings” against violence that might also double as suggestions to the unstable. You can read Jervis’ post explaining his decision to remove the original post HERE — just be prepared to read some vile hate against me and other pro-family leaders if you scroll down to the comments. — Peter LaBarbera, Americans For Truth About Homosexuality, www.aftah.org

P.S. Note that committed AFTAH-hater Jervis often gets his facts wrong about Americans For Truth and me.  After all, he and other “gay” extremists continue to smear me as “Porno Pete” — as he does below — and claim without any evidence that I am a secret homosexual. Such are the malicious outpourings of reprobate minds. Thus, Jervis lies about the Maine press conference in which we participated — which he refers to in the first paragraph: in fact, it was very well-attended and covered by numerous print and broadcast media throughout Maine just days before the election that overturned “gay marriage” in the northeastern state.


The following is reprinted verbatim from Joe Jervis’ Joe.My.God blog, originally with this URL: http://joemygod.blogspot.com/2009/11/haters-vs-haters-peter-labarbera.html  [the link is dead as Jervis took down the post Nov. 9].

Main | Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Haters Vs. Haters: Peter LaBarbera Attacks Maine’s Stand For Marriage

Still stinging from their refusal to be seen in the same room with him and their later denouncement of his largely unattended Maine “press conference,” Porno Pete LaBarbera and his BFF Matt Barber are attacking Stand For Marriage for the one conciliatory message they issued during the campaign.

I agree with my good friend Matt Barber, who is also a Board Member of Americans For Truth in addition to his important work at Liberty Counsel. It is not ethical nor good strategy for the “pro-family” movement to promote one evil and public-policy disaster (changeable and sinful behavior as a government-backed “civil right”) to fight another (homosexual “marriage”). Yet that is precisely what the Yes on 1 campaign’s pro-domestic partnership ad called “It’s Possible” did. [Click HERE for AFTAH’s election story.] Here again is the text of that misguided Yes on 1 ad used in Maine:

‘Abandoning traditional marriage entails real consequences, yet we want to be tolerant of gays. Maine’s Domestic Partnership laws provide substantial legal protection for gay couples. Any problems remaining can be addressed without dismantling traditional marriage. It’s possible to support the civil rights of all citizens and protect traditional marriage at the same time.’

We who claim to follow God are lacking in integrity if we promote the normalization of homosexuality as part of some (perhaps well-intentioned) utilitarian plan to ostensibly “save” traditional marriage. Indeed, the irony of the ad text above is that progressive concessions on “domestic partnership” and “civil unions” legislation will, in fact, dismantle traditional marriage. Yes on 1 PR consultant Frank Schubert’s compromising spin will pave the way for disaster in the pro-family movement, as it undermines our greatest strength: our commitment to the truth. It’s time to reject Political Correctness and get back to basics in the pro-family movement.

“We who claim to follow God…” Did you catch that? Those guys at Stand For Marriage aren’t real Christians because they don’t hate enough for Peter LaBarbera. They hate plenty enough for US, Petey.

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posted by Joe [Jervis, creator of the “Joe.My.God” blog]   19 comments


Guest says:
5 days ago, 11:42:36 AM
“He’s just sore because fatty matty [Matt Barber] experienced premature ejaculation when they heard the final result, and porno pete only got half a facial instead of the full spray.


Lars De says:
5 days ago, 11:48:33 AM
“And the fragmentation of the fundies has begun. Give them enough rope…..


MarkOH says:
5 days ago, 11:48:37 AM
“What DOES this guy to for a living? Is he really making it on just spewing hate? Does he have another job to pay the bills? If not, I think someone needs to look into his organization.


laddie says:
5 days ago, 11:54:25 AM
“”changeable and sinful” huh?  What a dumbass!  He must be one of the advocates for reparative therapy.


dwerk says:
5 days ago, 11:55:25 AM
“Is there not a hetero woman out there who is dame enough to sex out these two simpering straight ninnies? Pete’n’Matt, the two most gey sex obsessed heteros on the planet need a real whore to grab them both by the balls and rekindle their hetero sex lives to the point where they will forget all about homo fags and our lives. Come on so called allies, where are the women who will take on these 2 sex-starved pantywastes and make them into real men again?

– – – – – – – – – – –

ColdCountry replies:
5 days ago, 12:07:28 PM
“Not on your life.


ColdCountry says:
5 days ago, 12:07:55 PM
“Will someone please give me a gun?


David L. Caster says:
5 days ago, 12:09:09 PM
“Rabid dogs come to mind.


Parsnip [http://www.funnyanimalbooks.com] says:
5 days ago, 12:11:27 PM
“They want us dead or in prison.  News at 11.


Bud says:
5 days ago, 12:26:26 PM
“The American taliban has won again.  There is no difference between Christians and Muslims.  One in the same and both evil hateful bastards.


Fritz says:
5 days ago, 1:08:31 PM
“What I fear is that once gay and lesbian people give up hope of achieving equality through nonviolent means, there will be radicals who will begin to hunt down haters like LaBarbera and Gallagher.

All is will take is a small group of radical zealots who are willing to kill for their cause.

This happens in all cases where people are oppressed and lack representation. Our president must wake up and prevent this from happening.

Otherwise, we will end up like Israel and Palestine. We will have gay and lesbian people strapping bombs to their chests and blowing up churches.

All it will take is one or two more losses like this. If marriage equality is taken away in one of the landmark states, we will see domestic terrorism arise very quickly.

There are people who will come to the conclusion that fear and death are the only weapons gay and lesbian people have at their disposal. Obama must step forward and prevent this from happening.

There are radicals who plant bombs and commit acts of terrorism for causes like the environment and animal rights. It is not out of the question that straight radicals could begin doing things like this on behalf of gay and lesbian people.

Injustice, oppression and a country where weapons and violence are common is not a good combination.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

tex replies:
5 days ago, 1:28:08 PM
“Fritz….you say this like it’s a bad thing?
Maybe a bit of well organized terrorism is just what we need, er, I mean “civil disobediance”…

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Fritz replies:
5 days ago, 1:50:12 PM
“I doubt that you’ll feel that way when some social misfit blows up a straight wedding and images of the bride in a bloodstained dress appears on the cover of Time.

These kinds of things are always horrible. They are always committed by people who are deranged zealots.

Unfortunately, there are deranged zealots in every population — including our own community.

In 1991, I witnessed gay and lesbian activists setting fire to buildings and beating people with baseball bats in Los Angeles.

Fear this. It will not be anything that you will applaud.


Alex in Idaho replies:
5 days ago, 1:28:25 PM
“While I understand the desire to fight back, if that really happens,  I’ll see you in the internment camp after the backlash starts, Fritz.  It’s happened before, and our opponents are masters at whipping up hate and hysteria.  (Sorry, feeling a bit paranoid today)


Fritz replies:
5 days ago, 1:44:33 PM
“Well, my mother, her parents and her siblings were held in the internment camp at Crystal City, Texas during WWII.

So, you are not being paranoid. You’re just seeing a little bit of history repeating.


the crustybastard [http://thecrustybastard.blogspot.com/] replies:
5 days ago, 3:09:12 PM
“I suggest we call them The Pink Panthers.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

David L. Caster replies:
5 days ago, 5:16:31 PM
“I get the reference, but don’t you think that Lavender Panthers is more appropriate?


tex says:
5 days ago, 2:01:47 PM
“Still not seeing this as a bad thing Fritz….How many photos of innocent gay people bludgeoned to near death have I seen lately?

Mixner talks about “Gay Apartheid”, but what he fails to mention is the 20 years of bloody revolt that went into the ANC revolution. There was literally blood running through the gutters. I know…I was there in ’88 through ’92, and believe me….they didn’t gain their civil rights through being passive.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Fritz replies:
5 days ago, 2:17:39 PM
“My point is that Obama’s leadership could prevent these kinds of things from happening.

Violence is always a bad thing. Suppose someone plants a bomb at a wedding of one of your family members.

Obama needs to step up and give LGBT people some of that hope for change that he used to win the election. If he doesn’t, there is a very real potential for violence.

I have been seeing people turning to radical language and ideas more and more — especially after the election.

Obama dangled a carrot of hope and then snatched it away. There are dangerous people who will react violently to that. Innocent people could get hurt.

When LGBT leaders start saying “enough” and calling on the community to take a stand, there will be a few who will take it to the extreme. This is how it has always been throughout history. Every movement has the potential for violence no matter how peaceful the core group.


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