Military Muzzled under Obama: Air Force Chaplain Disinvites Tony Perkins to Prayer Luncheon for Opposing Homosexuals in Armed Forces

CBN story on Perkins being disinvited: no, it's not homosexuality that's "incompatible" with military service under Obama; now it's the expression of Christian faith -- opposing homosexuality -- in the public square.

Matt Barber, AFTAH Board Member and Director of Cultural Affairs at the Liberty Counsel, writes: “I believe those few of us remaining who are willing to take a stand on God’s natural design for human sexuality and morality will eventually be completely marginalized and persecuted by both the government and private industry. This is a chilling example of things to come.”

We agree. Christians and all those who oppose the normalization of sexual immorality through the force of law: are you going to stand by and just take it or will you defend your liberty to live out your religious and moral beliefs? This is only the latest proof that homosexual “rights” (so-called) are incompatible with America’s historic protection of religious freedom and First Amendment liberties.

I suppose there are many more craven acts to follow as our men in uniform scramble to appease their left-wing, pro-“gay” Panderer-in-Chief. — Peter LaBarbera,

Here’s Breitbart linking to Pat Robertson’s CBN interview with Perkins:

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