ABC’s ‘Modern Family’ Doesn’t Want to Show Two Men Kissing because Most Viewers Don’t Want to See it

Homosexuals launch pressure campaign to show ‘gay’ couple smooching

Scene from ABC sitcom "Modern Family," showing the show's normal couple (left) greet each other with a kiss, while the abnormal couple (male-male, at right) greets each other with a hug. Hollywood producers know that most Americans still do not want to see homosexual behavior or even homosexual affection -- which is as it should be. It's natural to be uncomfortable at the sight of two men kissing; it's unnatural to see it as no big deal. This screen shot was taken by "gay" activist Jeremy Hooper for his "Good As You" blog.

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By Peter LaBarbera

Well, what do you know? Even Modern Liberals trying to create a prototype for a “Modern Family” by mainstreaming Age-Old Deviance (homosexuality) apparently still have to deal with the reality that Modern Americans don’t want to see two men kiss. (Yuck.)

Yes, I was checking out openly homosexual Brit Andrew Sullivan’s blog — upon learning that he agrees with us (from an entirely different perspective) that Elena Kagan should answer the question of whether she is a practicing lesbian — and there it was: the photo above from a Modern Family episode — showing that normalcy is not a dead concept, even among those trying so hard to undermine it.

Opines Sullivan about the photo: ‘The shot is, perhaps, a perfect distillation of where the culture now is on gays: fine but not equal.”

No, Andrew, the photo is a perfect distillation of what’s wrong with Modern Homosexuality: homosexual behavior itself. Sexual perversion can never be “equal” to the natural and normal created order (savvy “gay” sloganeering aside). And a society that sees these two representative TV couples as morally equivalent is a society in serious decline — as the late popular historian Will Durant observed about America back when we as a nation were only beginning our “gay” embrace.

Of course, America is in serious moral decline, as evidenced by the very existence of a primetime TV sitcom that has as two of its main characters a homosexual male couple raising an adopted girl (Modern Motherlessness?). But at least we’re not as far gone as the snooty liberals with their God- and Nature-defying agenda would like us to be. In other words, America has not quite reached the stage of total depravity, but we’re well on our way.

The effort to reprogram Americans’ natural “disgust” factor toward homosexual conduct will go on. The Modern Homosexual Lobby is never satisfied — no matter how many once-cherished norms and religious teachings it succeeds in undermining. But it sure gets tiresome hearing these over-indulged whiners complaining ad nauseam about how their aberrant relationships are not treated “equally” to the normal and natural kind.

How ‘Modern’ does ABC want to be?

This latest “gay” hubbub begs the question: how “modern” is ABC willing to be? Modern enough to throw good money after bad to cater to pro-homosexual progressives? Because if ABC bends to the latest homosexual pressure campaign and starts showing two guys (actors Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Ferguson) making out, you can kiss those Nielsen ratings and “Modern Family” good-bye.

That’s right: homosexual sex doesn’t sell on Main Street, even in 2010.

I wrote about the phenomenon of politically correct liberals remaining squeamish about homosexuality ten years ago in WorldNetDaily after attending a conference by the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association (as a critic). Phillip Gefter, a picture editor for the New York Times, recalled how he suggested a series of “benign” photos of homosexual men kissing to illustrate a story on “homophobia” — but his (usually “gay”-affirming) editors and colleagues all “had the same reaction: they claimed that the pictures literally turned their stomachs.”

Nature, it seems, is not easily erased.

Besides, if it’s homosexual reality the GLBT activists want, perhaps they should lobby ABC executives to write a little “outside sex” into the script for their homosexual “Modern Family” protagonists. After all, studies show outside sex is rampant among homosexual male couples, and even Andrew Sullivan himself infamously hailed the “honest” toleration of extracurricular sex as a distinctive and advantageous feature of homosexual couplings compared to straights. Homosexual adoption advocate Dan Savage took it a step further, recommending the gay brand of “nonmonogamy” as a model to married straight couples — and as a potential strategy to lower the divorce rate. (Might want to run that one by some more wives, Dan; most, like mine, wouldn’t be too tolerant of a request for some “outside sex.”)

But the “queer” activists need not worry: injecting too much “reality TV” into Modern Family won’t happen because it would destroy the program’s unstated purpose: to create a moral equivalence in the viewer’s mind between homosexual parenting and the natural, God-ordained, mom-and-dad family that has served humanity quite well for centuries.


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