Texas Man Cancels Progressive Insurance Policy over Promotion of Homosexuality

Progressive's website boasts of the company's 100-percent ranking on the Human Rights Campaign's rigged pro-homosexual "Corporate Equality Index."

Jamil Adair of Horizon City, Texas, has given us permission to reprint his excellent letter to Progressive Insurance, which he sent after reading our article, “Progressive Insurance Co. Promotes Homosexuality.” Call Progressive at 1-800-PROGRESSIVE (800-776-4737) or fax your own letter to 800-229-1590.  (A Progressive phone/e-mail contact page is HERE.) And go HERE to read up on the homosexual  lobby group Human Rights Campaign’s rigged “Corporate Equality Index” — which is used to pressure corporations like Progressive into ever greater advocacy and financing of the homosexualist agenda.  — Peter LaBarbera, www.aftah.org


May 15th, 2010

Mr. Jamil J. Adair
700 Paseo De Suerte Dr.
Horizon City, Texas 79928

Progressive Insurance
Department 0561
Carl Stream, Illinois 60132

(800) 229-1590 FAX [to Progressive Insurance Co.]


To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter to advise you that I am canceling my automobile insurance policy effective June 1st, 2010. It was brought to my attention that “Progressive Insurance” has adopted a controversial policy of openly endorsing and supporting the Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual, Transgender (GLBT) movement.

The GLBT agenda violates my core fundamental beliefs. Please allow me to clarify this … I am a firm supporter of equality; when it pertains to one’s ethnicity, skin color, natural gender, or age. I adamantly oppose the oppression of any human being, by any individual, or group. I am a man of principle and a man who seeks to bring about peace. In layman’s terms, I am the bigger kid on the playground that pulled the “bully” off the smaller kid.

What I am opposed to in this situation is not a person, nor a group of people, but rather an “Action.” An Action that I find to be repulsive and a shock to the conscience. Not only because of my spiritual beliefs, but by my instinctive and natural human ability to decipher between what is right and what is wrong.

Having said that… I do not instill my personal beliefs upon others and respect the God-given right that we all share to set our course and make decisions for ourselves.

Frankly, I could care less what others do in their private time. I do not ask and I do not want to know. It is a discussion that should be left outside of the main streets of our society and confined to the privacy of one’s own home.

However, rather than leave this controversial “Action” to the confines of one’s own personal life, your company has publicly elected to endorse a movement that seeks to promote an “Action” that I find to be unnatural, immoral, and contrary to any teachings I would want my children exposed to.

The GLBT movement seeks to pursue a public campaign, whose primary goal is to re-define what I am naturally programmed to believe. Therefore, I ask you: Why would your respected organization support a movement that forces such an offensive position upon my family and me, with little to no regard for my religious, moral, or natural beliefs?

Progressive Insurance: It may appear that I am merely one man … but my message resonates within the hearts and minds of millions, upon millions, of Americans who firmly believe what I believe. For every ONE GLBT member that you support, there are FOUR HUNDRED more of us, standing together, in opposition. I have passed this information to every member of my family, church group, and contact list. You will be receiving many more cancellation letters shortly.


Jamil J. Adair

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