Listen: Part One of AFTAH Interview with Matt Barber

Matt Barber went from professional boxer to Culture Warrior who rose to national prominence after being fired by Allstate Insurance Co., following his publication of an online article critical of the homosexual agenda.

Here is Part One of our June 5, 2010 interview with Matt Barber, Director of Cultural Affairs with Liberty Counsel. Barber was fired by Allstate Insurance Co., in 2005 after publishing an online article (on his own time) critical of the homosexual agenda. (A staffer with the homosexual group Human Rights Campaign played a role in Barber’s firing — demonstrating that for the ‘Gay’ Lobby, some “discrimination” — the anti-Christian type — is OK.) In this interview, Barber talks about his young career as a professional boxer and how God used his employment crisis for expressing his politically incorrect beliefs to launch his new career as a pro-family advocate. Barber discusses sharing the truth about homosexuality in the love of Christ, and tells about a relative who embraced homosexuality only to be faced with a severe health crisis arising from practicing an unnatural and sinful lifestyle.

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6-5-10, Matt Barber, All

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