‘Gay’ Icon Frank Kameny Condemns AFTAH Truth Academy

Homosexual icon Frank Kameny coined the slogan "Gay Is Good." Now he says bestiality -- sex with animals -- is OK ("as long as the animal doesn't mind"). Kameny, who says the God of the Bible is a "sinful , homophobic bigot" who needs to repent, has denounced AFTAH's "Truth Academy," to be held outside Chicago Aug. 5-7, 2010.

Dear AFTAH Readers,

Our upcoming Truth Academy to teach young people how to counter “gay” activist misinformation is not proving to be very popular with GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender) activists. In a letter to AFTAH, Frank Kameny, the world’s oldest and most respected (by GLBTs) homosexual activist, has denounced the Truth Academy, which will be held August 5-7 at AFTAH’s office in Carol Stream, Illinois [click HERE for more info].

Kameny is the fellow who can’t recall if he spoke at a 1981 meeting held by NAMBLA (the notorious North American Man/Boy Love Association; NAMBLA reported that he had attended). Kameny also wrote AFTAH to assert that bestiality is OK “as long as the animal doesn’t mind (and the animal rarely does).”

If Kameny is correct that we non-homosexuals have to learn only from homosexuals themselves when it comes to this culture-war issue, then I would ask him: please, teach us about the ethics of declaring the God of the Bible a “sinful, homophobic bigot” and committed Christians “Christianofascists”; or addressing a group that advocates sex between men and young boys (we might understand if you came to scold NAMBLA, but apparently you did not); and teach us about the ethics of bestiality. With regard to the latter, how exactly can a human being be sure that an animal is consenting to be his or her “sex partner”? Also, teach us why we should accept your (a)moral view that “Gay is good” and “Gay is Godly” (he wrote the latter as an admitted atheist) when that flies in the face of historic, Judeo-Christian teachings on sex and marriage.

It is a sobering thought that given his celebrated status as an icon of the proud homosexualist movement, Frank Kameny could one day be lifted up to students as an American hero and role model whose life should be studied — especially if an annual “Gay History Month” becomes a reality in schools (a perverse copy of Black History Month). As with another “gay” activist, Harvey Milk, students will learn only glamorized lessons about these LBGT icons and nothing that would undermine the homosexual activist movement.

Lastly, there was a time not too long ago when most Americans would be dumbfounded at the idea of the President of the United States proclaiming June Homosexual (“Gay”) “Pride Month.” And yet now it is expected, at least of Democratic presidents. Perhaps some day in the future — when more men and women throw off the shackles of “speciesism” and come to accept Frank Kameny’s tolerant defense of sex with animals — an American president like Obama might proclaim and celebrate “Bestiality Pride Month” (or maybe “Leather Pride Month,” or “Sexual Freedom Month,” incorporating the unrestricted sexual “liberation” symbolized by these slogans).

Cautionary warning to pro-homosexuality activists: don’t try arguing that this will never happen because these behaviors are unnatural or  “immoral.” Homosexual militants using the euphemistic “gay” label led the way in destroying commonly accepted notions of normality — and any idea of a transcendent, absolute (divine) moral code that should guide people’s sexual conduct and inform American law. They least of anybody should attempt to lecture others about what is moral and what is not.  — Peter LaBarbera, www.aftah.org


The following e-mail was sent to Americans For Truth via our website:

—–Original Message—–
From: [——] (Franklin E Kameny)
Date: Wed, 9 Jun 2010 18:24:59
To: Americans For Truth americansfortruth@gmail.com;
Cc: <[Frank Kameny]>
Subject: Re: AFTAH Academy: Training Youth How to Answer “Gay” Misinformation

You do not have any “experts” on homosexuality.

We gays, and we gays ALONE, are THE authorities and experts — the SOLE
experts and authorities— on ourselves as gay people, and on our
homosexuality.  You non-gays have nothing of use, value, or worth to
offer on these subjects.

So if you are wise (and clearly you are not), on these subjects you will
close your mouths, open your ears, switch on such brains as you may
have, and listen to us and learn.

Franklin E. Kameny, Ph.D.

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