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Listen: Part Two of AFTAH Interview with Linda Harvey

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

New and improved listening format: listen to entire show by clicking one link

Linda Harvey, founder of Mission America (

We apologize for the delay in bringing you Part Two of our May 29, 2010 interview with Linda Harvey, founder of Mission America. (Go HERE for Part One.) But we are delighted to report that AFTAH will be reloading ALL of our interviews (available on the AFTAH Hour web page) — starting with this one — in a more user-friendly format. As you can see below, you can listen to the entire Linda Harvey interview on a single link. After we retool all the shows, you will no longer have to listen to four separate portions of the show (on four separate links) to hear the whole interview.

In Part Two of my interview with Linda, we discussed:

  • the insidious promotion of homosexuality as an acceptable identity and lifestyle to young people — even preteens.
  • the “gay” community centers that help expose young people to adult homosexual behaviors and promiscuity — one of the most troubling results of the proud, homosexualist movement;
  • pro-homosexual youth literature (including a book by a Christian author) that advances the talking points of “gay” activism;
  • the sellout theology of some politically correct “Emergent” church leaders.

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Rep. Mark Kirk Outed by Gay Activist — Why AFTAH Asks the ‘H Question’

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

“And in DC, Kirk wasn’t all THAT closeted. You see Mark Kirk told me he was gay.”

*          *          *

“In an effort to move the base in the Illinois Senate race, Kirk decided to tack right and that means throwing the gays (like him) under the bus. And once he voted that way [against the repeal of the ban on homosexuals-in-the-military], the phone began to ring. Not one or two, or three but 5 separate individuals contacted me about the now divorced Mr. Kirk.— Homosexual “outing” activist Michael Rogers, “Truth or Consequences”

Homosexual blogger Mike Rogers "outed" Rep. Mark Kirk (R-Illinois; pictured above) as a homosexual after Kirk voted against the repeal of the ban on homosexuals in the military. Rogers says that Kirk once told him he was "gay."

By Peter LaBarbera

The following is a post by homosexual “outing” activist Michael Rogers, reprinted from his “Blogactive” website. (It was picked by the left-wing Huffington Post.) Note Rogers’ pro-“gay” standard for political “outing” (publicizing a person’s alleged homosexuality): as long as the presumably homosexual legislator helps the “gay” activist movement, he is left alone. But when he — like Rep. Mark Kirk (R-IL) — votes the “wrong” way on a high-profile piece of legislation important to the Homosexual Lobby,well, as Rogers puts it, “the gig is up.” (Note below that Kirk has very high pro-gay scorecard ratings for a Republican, as measured by the nation’s leading homosexual organization.)

In this case, Kirk voted AGAINST the repeal of the military’s ban on homosexuals, thus igniting a new round of online homosexual wrath that could affect his bid to win the U.S. Senate seat once held by Barack Obama. (In the GOP Illinois Senate primary, long-shot candidate Andy Martin ran radio ads statewide targeting Kirk for his alleged homosexuality.)

I have written before about Rogers, who has taken “outing” activism to a new level. Note how Rogers and his followers take credit for the pro-ENDA (Employment Non-Discrimination Act) vote switch by “conservative” Republican Rep. David Dreier (CA). (Dreier’s alleged homosexuality was reported by the liberal alternative press–i.e., beyond just the gay press; two Dreier staffers separately hung up on this writer inquiring about his sexual preference, as one reportedly did to this L.A. Weekly reporter coming at the issue from an opposite perspective.)

Folks, this is serious business: if secretly homosexual politicians are subject to pro-“gay”-agenda voting pressure by the likes of Rogers, their constituents (and the wider public) certainly have a right to know — just as they have the right to know if a “pro-family” legislator is mocking those values through the act of adultery. This is why Americans For Truth refuses to play the “outing game” by “gay”/liberal activist rules, which are mainly designed to embarrass hypocritical, conservative Republicans.

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