Letter: AFTAH Answers Note on ‘Losing Battle’

The following is adapted from our exchange with a “gay” reader who wrote to AFTAH urging us to abandon what he calls the “losing battle” over homosexuality:

Dear Marcus, you could apply your note, with a slight rearrangement of words, to numerous “losing battles” of the past, e.g., the fight against Communism or the ongoing struggle against legalized abortion-on-demand. Somehow those causes turned around (who dared to think 20 years ago that blatantly pro-life films would grace the big screen?). I do not know if the same will happen with organized homosexuality, but regardless, to my mind, the fight for truth — on any issue — is necessary, right and the appropriate guiding compass for good living.

This is not about the “social outcasting of gays,” but telling the truth about homosexuality — which is:

  • behavior- (not identity-) driven;
  • changeable (as proved by thousands of ex-lesbians and ex-gay men);
  • unnatural (two men or two women cannot produce a baby without borrowing from heterosexuality, that is, normalcy);
  • unhealthy: witness the astonishingly disproportionately high rates of sexual diseases among “men who have sex with men”; and, lastly
  • immoral (according to many religious traditions, especially America’s own Judeo-Christian heritage).

I urge you to abandon your soulless, utilitarian way of thinking and return to principle. Ideas and the pursuit of Truth stir men’s hearts, and will always matter more than political or cultural trends.


Peter LaBarbera, Americans For Truth, www.aftah.org

The following letter was send to Americans For Truth via our website:

From: Marcus — [———–]
Sent: Saturday, July 31, 2010 10:54 PM
To: americansfortruth@comcast.net
Subject: [AFT Web Site]

The following message was sent from the Americans for Truth Web site:

I first started reading your site because I thought that the social outcasting of gays was still prevalent today. It is not. You are fighting a losing battle. By reading the things on your site I know that you are not bad people, but please reorient your attention to fights you can win. (There are so many.)


The following is Marcus’ response to our response to his original letter:

Thank you for responding to my message. This shows me that you are strong enough in your convictions that you can respond to individuals. I cannot wish you luck as we will be diametrically opposed on this issue and I hope you do not get too much crap from gay activists. The only thing missing from your knowledge of gay people is the fact you aren\’t gay, and thus do not actually know what goes on in our heads. I just wish you could understand this. Again, thank you for your time.

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