Inaugural Truth Academy Tremendous Success – Others Planned

Angry GLN protest greets debut Academy; speakers answer hate with kind words

Arlington Heights, IL –  On Thursday, Americans for Truth about Homosexuality launched its first of many comprehensive “Truth Academies” to be held at various locations around the United States.  Organizers hoped to fill the event’s classroom  – hosted at Christian Liberty Academy in Arlington Heights, IL – with at least 50 students. This goal was met and surpassed as approximately 70 registrants have already attended some or all of the lectures.

(Homosexualist propagandist Wayne Besen – relying on a paid “spy” sent to the Academy – incorrectly gave the number of attendees at 20-30 people. The “spy,” who said he was a friend of Besen, admitted that he had underestimated the attendance, and said he would ask Besen to correct the errant figure. AFTAH will be waiting for a public correction.)

The Truth Academy brought together pro-family experts from across the nation for the three-day seminar, and was designed to train Americans both young and old how to answer radical “gay” activist disinformation and fight the extremist homosexual-bisexual-transsexual agenda.

Feedback from Academy attendees has been overwhelmingly positive as many students were amazed to learn of the profound gulf between homosexual activist propaganda and reality. Two former homosexuals gave their testimony of healthy change at the Academy.

Not everyone, however, was pleased that the radical “gay” agenda is – and will continue to be – so roundly discredited and exposed. A Thursday protest in front of Christian Liberty Academy – organized by the Chicago-based “Gay Liberation Network” or GLN, an admittedly Marxist organization steeped in anti-Christian hate, attracted an estimated 70 protesters, according to a CNN producer covering the conference.

As Truth Academy instructor Cliff Kincaid exposed in his Thursday lecture, GLN has partnered in the past with multiple organizations such as the Sparticist League that advocate the abolition of age of consent laws. This makes it all the more troubling that these adult sexual anarchists were accompanied by many youth and teenage protesters.

Several Truth Academy speakers and attendees went out of their way to greet the raucous crowd, offering them bottled water, soda, a handshake and a prayer. The Christian delegates were immediately surrounded as protesters beat drums and screamed profanities and insults. Some of the protesters appeared intoxicated or under the influence of narcotics and at least one threatened violence against the Christian speakers and attendees. One Academy speaker was spat upon.

A handful of the teenaged protesters seemed surprised and visibly softened as it became evident that their Christian counterparts were not the “hateful,” “intolerant” monsters that their adult leaders misled them to expect

Matt Barber, director with Liberty Counsel and AFTAH board member commented: “I’m so delighted to be on the ground floor of the AFTAH Truth Academy project. Homosexual propagandists are desperate to shut this thing down and for good reason. The jig is up. It’s no small task to undo decades of pro-homosexual indoctrination, but the deprogramming has begun. Scripture tells us that ‘the truth will set you free.’ We will continue to speak truth in love, boldly and unapologetically.

“The GLN and other extremists can yell, scream and jump up and down all they want, but God’s objective truth about human sexuality will never go away. Until our Creator changes His mind about sexual morality and the destructive nature of sin – to include the sin of homosexuality – we will continue to share His truth. GLN and company had better keep fresh batteries in their bullhorns. Protesting God’s truth may become a full time job.”

Peter LaBarbera, AFTAH president and Truth Academy founder said: “The Truth Academy is a major success. This is one of the most thorough pro-family, educational seminars on homosexuality ever held in the United States. Our attendees were brimming over with praise for the instructors and the quality of the information provided. It was not unexpected that pro-homosexuality advocates would try to sneak their way in – but in the end it is my prayer that those we discovered were touched by God’s truth and the kindness with which they were treated. (The aforementioned “spy” even shared, after several long discussions with Academy attendees, including Church of Christian Liberty pastor Calvin Lindstrom, that he could now see that the Truth Academy was in no way motivated by ‘hate.’)

“We will build on this success as we plan for future Truth Academies to be regularly offered at locations across the country,” LaBarbera said.

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