VIDEO: Glenn Beck Is Wrong on the Importance of Homosexual ‘Marriage’

Looks like Glenn Beck could have benefited from attending the AFTAH Truth Academy [order DVDs or CDs of the Academy HERE; order online through AFTAH’s donate page]. Beck is doing incredibly important work in helping to save America from the misnamed “progressives” — but evidently he is woefully ignorant about the real threat that homosexual activism poses to this nation and our precious freedoms. Memo: to Glenn: people of faith — like Matt Barber and Julea Wardalready have been fired or discriminated against for defending the historic Judeo-Christian sexual ethic. And this began happening before “same-sex marriage” became the dominant issue in this cultural debate. The oppression will only get worse if homosexual “marriage” is legalized nationally through an activist court ruling. Thanks to Lynn Thomas of Cao’s Blog for creating this video. — Peter LaBarbera, [Partial transcription of exchange follows video]:

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In the interview with FOX News’ Bill O’Reilly, Beck said that he does not think the government “has anything to do with marriage. That is a religious rite.”

From the segment:

O’Reilly: Do you believe that gay marriage is a threat to country in any way?

Beck: A threat to the country?

O’Reilly: Yeah, is it going to harm it in anyway?

Beck: No I don’t. Will the gays come and get us?

O’Reilly: No, okay. Is it going to harm the country?

Beck: I believe that Thomas Jefferson said: “If it neither breaks my leg nor picks my pocket what difference is it to me?

More coming on this story….

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