Prof. Rob Gagnon Takes Andrew Marin to School on the Bible and Homosexuality

READ IT: Click HERE for Pittsburgh Theological Seminary Professor Rob Gagnon’s paper debunking Andrew Marin’s book, “Love Is an Orientation”

Hopefully Andrew Marin (above) will heed the criticism of Prof. Rob Gagnon, the world's leading authority on the Bible and homosexuality.

Folks, I am delighted to be interviewing my friend Prof. Robert Gagnon on the Americans For Truth Hour (the first of three segments aired Saturday, Aug. 4) — following his much-acclaimed instruction at the AFTAH Truth Academy last month. Below Gagnon takes young Andrew Marin (of the Marin Foundation) to task for distorting the Bible regarding the proper Christian approach toward homosexuality.

Those of us in Chicago are well aware of Marin’s chameleon-like attempt to have it both ways on homosexuality — claiming to be biblical orthodox on this issue and yet appearing petrified to utter the words “homosexual behavior is sinful” if a practicing homosexual might be within earshot. With the publication of his book, Love Is an Orientation, Marin appears to be hardening his heart on this issue by sinking ever deeper into the waters of pro-“gay” advocacy (much like Tony Campolo, who endorses the Marin Foundation, Brian McLaren, who wrote the Foreword to Marin’s book, and Grove City College Prof. Warren Throckmorton).

It’s all very sad. I have invited Marin to appear as a guest with Gagnon on the radio show, but have not yet heard back from him. We’ll have much more on this story. Kudos to Gagnon for holding professing — yet straying — Christians accountable on the issue of the Bible and homosexual practice.  Click HERE to read Gagnon’s 24-page paper. — Peter LaBarbera,

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