Rainbow Cookie Scandal Strikes Indianapolis — Update from AFA-Indiana’s Micah Clark

This perverse rendition of the iconic Iwo Jima WWII photo replaces Old Glory with the "gay" rainbow flag, and Marines with shirtless "gay" men. It represents all that's wrong with selfish homosexual activism. American fighting men died to preserve freedom, here and abroad -- not for their fellow citizens to be forced by government and activist courts to subjugate their religious and moral beliefs to the celebration of homosexuality as a newly discovered "civil right."

Folks, this story out of Indianapolis is Elaine Huguenin — the New Mexican Christian photographer fined for not shooting photos at a lesbian “commitment ceremony” — all over again. Arrogant liberals steeped in “gay” ideology think they have the right to FORCE people of faith to help celebrate homosexuality — even with their own private businesses. They don’t — not in a truly free country, anyway. 

The Tyranny of Forced Homosexual Affirmation is wrong and against the principle of God-given liberty that defines America. A Christian cookie-maker shouldn’t be forced to make cookies celebrating homosexuality in violation of his creed not to abet sin — in the same way that a “gay”-activist-owned bakery shouldn’t be forced to make cookies for Americans For Truth or AFA. 

This is why the homosexual agenda presently is a greater threat to American freedom than Sharia Law, as I said on Facebook. (Homosexual bloggers typically responded with emotional attacks on me and AFTAH rather than deal with the freedom-vs.-“gay rights” issue.) Are men and women across America being forced to deny their Christian beliefs to get an education and even getting fired due to aggressive Muslim activism and pro-Islam “special rights’ laws? No. 

Are Christians from California to Massachusetts being forced to deny their beliefs or face government or corporate punishment for NOT affirming homosexuality? Yes they are — and it’s time for the media to take this civil rights crisis (anti-religious discrimination in the name of a false tolerance) seriously. How gratifying it is to see Indiana citizens getting it — and saying “No!” to “superior rights” for homosexuals. Please support Micah Clark’s and AFA of Indiana’s important work. — Peter LaBarbera, www.aftah.org 


Indianapolis Bakery Scandal Update!!

“Call to Action” from AFA-Indiana Director Micah Clark on Friday, Oct. 1: 

Dear Friends, 

I want to give you an update on the “great cupcake scandal of 2010” occurring in the capitol city, before the weekend hits. 

Many of you may have read the alert from our national office about the family-owned small business called “Just Cookies.”   This bakery leases space in the City Market Building owned by the city of Indianapolis. 

Just as we warned the Indianapolis City-County Council five years ago, and as we have recently warned cities like Fort Wayne, Goshen and South Bend, these sexual orientation and gender identity ordinances are a threat to religious freedom and the rights of conscience of employers and employees. We now have yet another disturbing example of the misuse of these bad laws.  (Remember the Boy Scout headquarters eviction in the City of Philadelphia?) 

Just Cookies was approached by some local homosexual demands group activists and asked to make a special order of cupcakes designed with homosexual rainbows for the “National Coming Out Day.” This is an event sponsored by the Human Rights Campaign in Washington, DC.   It exists solely to encourage homosexual behavior among students and kids.   (Let’s not even begin to get into the discussion about recruitment and radical agendas here.) 

The owners of Just Cookies declined this special order, which required their design talents being used to embrace this controversial and morally questionable event. The activists could have purchased cookies and other items off the shelf, but wanted something specific for their event at a local university. The homosexual demands groups saw a “no thank you” as “discrimination” simply because the owners didn’t want any part of promoting the homosexuality among kids. 

The issue really exploded this week when this news broke and the Mayor’s office took the side of the homosexual demands crowd and threatened to evict Just Cookies from the City Market for “discrimination” after their having been in that location for twenty years. 

In other words, the City is (was) attempting to compel the owners to be a part of a political event with deep spiritual, moral, and physical health ramifications! 

Here’s the latest on this situation: 

1) You have responded to the alert I helped draft with AFA President Tim Wildmon. As of this moment over 3,069 people have sent an e-mail to the mayor’s office to complain about possible punishment of Just Cookies!   Perhaps hundreds of others have also called Mayor Ballard’s office based upon what I am hearing. 

2) Just Cookies sold out of cookies twice yesterday after this story wound up on the front page of the Indianapolis Star and our email alert went out. People were lined up ten deep at times just to encourage the owners and to say thank you for standing for our values! 

3) We have helped get the Alliance Defense Fund and the Liberty Counsel, two of the top religious liberty law groups in the nation, in touch with the owners of Just Cookies. 

4) I have had numerous opportunities to defend your values on this matter in various media outlets over the last 24 hours. I have done interviews as far away as California and as near as Fox 59 TV on this matter. 

5) We now have differing reports that the protest planned for noon today [Friday] by the homosexual demands groups outside of Just Cookies was canceled or was so small it failed to have any impact. 

What you can do now: 

I have been flooded with calls and email asking what you can do to help stand up against government coercion, religious liberty infringement, and homosexual activist bullying. 

  • First, pray for the Stockton family, owners of Just Cookies. This is a whole new world for them. They never imagined this type of controversy or reaction would ever touch their business and family.
  • Second, pray that the Mayor’s office will see that Hoosiers’t be intimidated into using their business to advance an agenda that violates their beliefs. The Constitution is supposed to protect Americans from being forced to promote political messages and moral ideas against their will. The Mayor’s office should drop the idea of eviction and the Indianapolis Human Rights Commission should drop this matter, as it is not about actual discrimination.
  • Third, the next time you’re downtown Indianapolis, stop by and buy some cookies at Just Cookies and say “thank you” for standing for what is right.

Lastly, I do not think that I have made this appeal all year to our weekly email list. Your financial support of AFA of Indiana is vitally important. This has been a difficult financial year for us in the midst of growing demands upon this organization.   You can give a tax-deductible online donation by clicking here: or mail one to our office: AFA of Indiana, P.O. Box 40307, Indianapolis, IN 46240

We currently have a shortfall of about $5,000 in year-to-date giving from this point last year that we need to make up before November 1st and the critical year-end giving month of December.  Your gift to help us catch up would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you, 

Micah Clark
Executive Director, American Family Association of Indiana

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