Video: Family Research Council – Sgt. Brian Fleming on Repeal of Military Homosexuality Ban

“At this point in history, we don’t need this. That’s the last thing our troops should have to be worrying about is sharing close quarters …or having to be in shower rooms … with someone they know who is openly a homosexual, and may have a sexual attraction to them — because then that breeds mistrust….They may be tempted to wonder … ‘Can I trust this person? Why are they wanting to be my friend? …Do they want to pursue me sexually?'” — Sgt. Brian Fleming, on FRC video

Watch here the video of Sgt. Brian Fleming, reposted from Family Research Council’s blog. Fleming calls the current “gays in the military” push one of “these little political agendas that have nothing to do with this war that we’re fighting.” For his comments on how lifting the homosexuality ban will breed mistrust, go to about the 3:00 mark. FRC is to be commended for the great work it is doing to stop the Obama agenda of homosexualizing the U.S. Military during wartime. Also we offer our gratitude to Sgt Fleming for his brave service to the United States of America. — Peter LaBarbera,  

TAKE ACTION: You can make a comment at the FRC blog, but more importantly, call your U.S. Representative and Senators at 202-224-3121 ( and and urge them to oppose the Democratic leadership’s radical attempt to repeal the ban on open homosexuality in the Armed Forces.:

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