Lesbian Chai Feldblum Confirmed as EEOC Commissioner

Newly confirmed EEOC Commissioner, lesbian Chai Feldblum, calls the battle between religious freedom and rights based on homosexuality a "zero-sum game," in which homosexuals should win and Christians should lose.

Chai Feldblum — the homosexual activist who rightly acknowledges that “rights” based on homosexuality and the religious freedom to live out one’s opposition to homosexuality cannot peacefully coexist in the law — has been confirmed as a Commissioner of the EEOC. A lesbian and top homosexual legal strategist, Feldblum calls the battle between religious freedom and homosexuality-based “rights” a “zero-sum game” — in which homosexuals usually should win and Christians should lose. — Peter LaBarbera, www.aftah.org

Excerpted from The Advocate, a magazine for people practicing homosexuality:

Lesbian lawyer and longtime activist Chai Feldblum was confirmed as a commissioner of the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in a Senate vote Wednesday, the Federal Times reports.

Feldblum, who has been the target of much criticism by conservatives, had been serving under a recess appointment by President Obama since April, along with another commissioner, the commission’s chair, and its general counsel, who also were confirmed Wednesday in one of the Senate’s last actions before the holiday break.

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